Oculus Rift Kickstarter Promises Amazing VR

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Remember that virtual reality headset that John Carmack was smitten by back at E3 2012? It’s being Kickstarted. And with so many gaming industry luminaries like John Carmack, Gabe Newell and Cliff Bleszinski pledging support and interest in the product, it’s tough not to get excited for this product. You should watch the Kickstarter video; it will explain everything.


At the time of writing, they’ve nearly doubled their funding target and they JUST launched their campaign. What a pace! I hope this VR headset endeavour pans out and that I will be able to own one in the not so distant future.

E3 2012: VR Graphics & 3D Graphics

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Another studio showed next generation technology promises. I wasn’t surprised that another tech demo showed up. I was surprised by who it was though.

I expect Square Enix to come up with these promise videos, but after a hardware manufacturer announces their next generation platform.

It is a gorgeous tech demo and I love the art direction behind it. If they actually deliver a game based on what was shown here by 2015, I would be thoroughly impressed.

John Carmack was at E3 but he wasn’t showing off a game. He was actually showing off his latest pet project: VR goggles. GiantBomb’s Brad Shoemaker did a lengthy — but not lengthy enough — interview with id Software’s technical guru that I found very interesting.

His solutions and ideas seem to make so much sense that it really makes me wonder how no one actually got it together before.