Killzone: Shadow Fall Campaign Review

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Killzone: Shadow Fall was a graphical show piece for the launch of the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, following the path of its predecessor, it was an incoherent and unfocused single player experience that did nothing but bore me.

I found Killzone 2 enjoyable and memorable. It was World War II in space but I appreciated Guerilla Games’ focus on gunplay by refining the weight and impact of shots. Firefights demanded the use of the game’s first person cover system and despite the antics of Rico and co, it was a gritty shooter that found its own niche.

Killzone 3 was a failed attempt to infuse Infinity Ward’s trademark Hollywood action stylings into the franchise. Efforts like this highlighted the fact that not everyone can pull off the Call of Duty brand of set pieces and pacing.

When I saw the PlayStation 4’s lineup of launch games, the FutureShop E3 promotion and trade-in opportunities, I shrugged my shoulders and added Killzone: Shadow Fall to my cart. I wanted a game that no one would mistaken for a PlayStation 3 title; I wanted next generation demo material.

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Checkpoint: New Host Edition


It took longer than expected but QSF5 is now officially moved to a new host. Now let’s get back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

I wrapped up The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World. I’ll be writing up my thoughts on that game after my Killzone: Shadow Fall review but here’s a hint: it’s on my top 10 of 2013.

What have I been playing as of late? I started Call of Duty: Ghosts which, if you can believe it, a surprisingly fun experience in spots. I think it has something to do with Killzone: Shadow Fall setting my expectations so low. I’ve also been switching into Resogun on a regular basis after finding new life in the game with the included Trophies.

As for what’s next? It’s Super Mario 3D World which many have already deemed one of the best of 2013. It’s the palette cleanser that I need after all this first person shootin’.

Checkpoint: Service Interruption Edition


QSF5 was down for a few days after the site’s host suspended the account. It was temporarily renewed but I’m in the process migrating to a new host. During that service interruption a number of things transpired.

Battlefield 4 is playable… sorta?

DICE and EA decided to move ahead on their map pack plans despite the fact Battlefield 4 is still a mess across all platforms. If they wish to make amends and not garner more votes for “America’s worst company” for the third straight year, they should give the Second Assault map pack to all players for free.

Along with new content, stability and bug fixes continue to trickle through in the form of client and server side patches. On the PlayStation 4, there’s less lag and far fewer crashes. Unfortunately the single player campaign still has a save corrupting bug that keeps me at bay. I know Battlefield games aren’t known for their single player campaigns but it’s just sad knowing that all aspects of this game are plagued with issues.

Still, the games I managed to squeeze in with my brother and friends have been enjoyable.

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Checkpoint: PS4 Post Launch Edition


At the time of writing, my PlayStation 4 is sitting in some warehouse in this city. It actually arrived on Saturday but UPS is waiting to deliver it to me on Monday. That’s not too bad considering started shipping on launch day.

Despite the delays on my personal console, I was still able to participate in the launch day festivities. My brother was able to pick his console up on launch day morning without any fuss.

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