Killzone 3D Officially Announced

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Killzone 3D was announced today. Okay, it isn’t called Killzone 3D, but it is playable in 3D. I’m curious how this will work on a technical level since 3D isn’t easy with a high fidelity game like Killzone.

But do I really care? No. I don’t own a 3D HDTV and I’m not in a rush to get one.

There were some gameplay tidbits as you can see

  • It takes place after Killzone 2 (duh!)
  • Storywise: there is a giant political void to fill with the death of Visari
  • More variety with combat with many enemy types including flying ones (see jet packs)
  • Bigger scale
  • More varied environments (see the awesome snow)

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Parka wearing space Nazis? Now I’ve seen everything.

New Killzone 2 Patch Will Deliver Basics

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On July 14, Killzone 2 will receive it’s tenth patch.

Tenth patch.

The game has improved considerably since its launch and I can’t help, but wonder how Killzone 2 would be if these patches weren’t for catching-up with basic functionality. What if these patches were adding awesome new features instead of basic server detail information? Oh well.

In addition to the server details, bug and exploit fixes, this 91 MB patch will enable support for the “Napalm & Cordite” map pack. There’s no release date yet for this third piece of downloadable content.

FYI: Rumor Confirmed, KZ2 Patch, 30 million 360s Sold

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  • Dead Space: Extraction Debuts September 29 for the Wii (via PR)
  • Xbox 360 Hits 30 Million Sales Worldwide (via Edge-Online)
    • From February 2009, PlayStation 3 @ 21.3 Million worldwide
    • Wii @ over 50 million units sold
  • 64 Player Buzz! Quiz Show Coming to PlayStation Home (via PlayStation.Blog)
    • This is how it will work:

Four colored answer buttons are laid out on the floor and you need to make sure you’re standing on the right answer when the time runs out. The winner’s decided over four rounds, and there are a number of exclusive Home prizes up for grabs for the greatest players.

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