A Next Metal Gear Is… On?

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Well that’s what I think the Kojima Productions teaser is saying. However, that’s because I’m not trying to incite flame wars. Yes, it could be attributed to an Xbox 360 debut of the franchise — I acknowledge this, but I also acknowledge the fact that a green power symbol is universal.

Who knows? Who cares? I’m sure it’ll be adored by Metal Gear fans regardless.

MGS4 Post Mortem With Hideo Kojima

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1UP put up a great interview with Metal Gear Solid 4 producer, Hideo Kojima. Excellent read, really. Some notable quotes include:

1UP: Are you happy with the amount of players playing Metal Gear Online?
Kojima: [Laughing] Not at all!

1UP: I think you know where this is heading — the Konami ID and Game ID registration processes are a pain in the ass and just too complicated.

HK: [Laughs more and shakes head] No comment! That’s, er, a difficult matter.

That’s not the only reason why the numbers aren’t that high.

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