i+! = iPod + Metal Gear & More

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Update #2: It’s official.

Update: More evidence arrives via Konami’s site.

It looks like that mysterious formula which Konami put out has been decyphered.

Kojima wanted us to wait a few weeks to find out what the tease was all about, but crafty folks have uncovered a Famitsu magazine scan showing what looks like a Metal Gear game running on iPod Touch or iPhone hardware.

Here’s hoping that this is a legitimate effort by Kojima and company if all of this turns out to be true.

Below is the scan in question:


A Next Metal Gear Is… On?

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Well that’s what I think the Kojima Productions teaser is saying. However, that’s because I’m not trying to incite flame wars. Yes, it could be attributed to an Xbox 360 debut of the franchise — I acknowledge this, but I also acknowledge the fact that a green power symbol is universal.

Who knows? Who cares? I’m sure it’ll be adored by Metal Gear fans regardless.

MGS4 Post Mortem With Hideo Kojima

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1UP put up a great interview with Metal Gear Solid 4 producer, Hideo Kojima. Excellent read, really. Some notable quotes include:

1UP: Are you happy with the amount of players playing Metal Gear Online?
Kojima: [Laughing] Not at all!

1UP: I think you know where this is heading — the Konami ID and Game ID registration processes are a pain in the ass and just too complicated.

HK: [Laughs more and shakes head] No comment! That’s, er, a difficult matter.

That’s not the only reason why the numbers aren’t that high.

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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review

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The fourth installment of the original stealth action franchise brings the legendary hero’s saga to an end. As a fan who loves this series, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is my most anticipated game of the year and quite possibly, ever. I purchased a PlayStation 3 for this game. In fact, you could say I assembled my entire home entertainment system in preparation for Snake’s final mission. The expectations are high with the folks at Sony, Konami, loyal followers and critics alike anticipating nothing, but the best from Kojima Productions. I don’t know if it rocked the sales charts or silenced the critics, but I do know it spoke to me and delivered an extremely satisfying gaming experience.

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