BF: Hardline detailed via leaked internal video

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Yesterday’s info dump pales in comparison to today’s leaked internal video for Battlefield: Hardline. It’s a six month old video which explains the use of the “Omaha” codename and preliminary graphics.

First it sounds like my gut feeling was right: this game looks like it will be developed by Visceral Games and DICE. For a single player focused studio like Visceral Games to handle all those platforms and both multiplayer and single player duties was a tall order.

I was impressed with what I saw. It’s going to be a smaller scale game and it’s going to be a bit weird not seeing tanks, APCs and other vehicles rolling around but I’m sure it’ll be fine. We’ve seen smaller scale Battlefield games before in the guise of Bad Company. I just hope they go all out with the minor details. If they’re not going to have epic battles on a large scale, I expect them to nail smaller scale firefights with incredible detail.

iPhone 5 Rumors Bubble Up

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apple-logo.pngSo it looks like the next iPhone will feature a longer screen. With all these convenient leaks — on the launch day of the Samsung Galaxy S III — it’s got to be true, right?

When I first caught glimpse of these rumors, I couldn’t believe it. A longer screen? It makes ergonomic sense, but I couldn’t picture how it would look like without being ridiculous.

After looking at these newly leaked screens, it doesn’t look so bad. By keeping the width of the phone in check I’m almost convinced that this is the correct move for Apple. It will keep it a one handed friendly phone which isn’t something all those 4″+ phones could pull off.

I’m considering the upgrade to a bonafide smartphone, but I haven’t made the decision on which phone yet.

iPad 3 Rumor Round Up

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Update: Announcement date confirmed for March 7th

These iPad 3 rumors sounding awfully familiar. Last year’s rumors are resurfacing and I would be shocked if none of it comes true.

Screen Resolution

MacRumors got their hands a screen supposedly destined for the iPad 3. The resolution for this screen is 2048×1536 and — according to iFixit — a teensy bit lighter than the iPad 2’s screen.


The system on a chip powering the iPad 3 will need to be substantially more powerful to drive content running at that native resolution. I doubt many apps will be running at the screen’s native resolution, but Apple still needs to beef up the processor.

The question is: will it be quad-core or dual-core? Or maybe even both?

According to Bloomberg, Apple will be powering the iPad 3 with a quad-core SoC. However, we’ve also seen and read reports that the next iPad will feature an SoC with an A5X label — which leads credence to the idea that the iPad 3’s SoC will be faster, but not drastically different than the current A5.

We’re also seeing reports that both the A5X and the A6 are coming and that Apple are releasing multiple iPad versions.

This is the most hazy part of the iPad 3 rumors.

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