Checkpoint: Damn LED Connectors Edition

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If you’re looking to pick up some LED strips, I’d consider NOT getting these LED connectors. I bought 10 of them and only 1 is working consistently. Over a 6 month period, 9 connectors have inexplicably failed resulting in my LED strips flickering. I tried replacing strips and no luck.

I have several choices from here on out:

  1. Buy more of these damn LED connectors. They’re relatively cheap.
  2. Buy these seemingly superior connectors for about a dollar a pop.
  3. Try soldering

I’m leaning towards the soldering iron. I’ve never soldered something before but I have family members with some experience.

I’m just bewildered by the finickiness of these LED strips.

I think I’m nearing the end of Wolfenstein: The New Order. What a great game. I absolutely love the decisions the developers at Machine Games made along the way. It’s a straight forward game but it also allows so much player choice. I don’t want it to end.

Checkpoint: LED Woes Edition

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Checkpoint - LED Woes Edition

These LED right angle connectors all suck. The wired versions are a bit more reliable but not by much. I’m not sure if it’s the connectors themselves or the wiring that’s causing the problem; all I know is that I need to toss out the connector and replace it for my LEDs to work properly.

A search for superior replacements yielded these connectors from SuperBrightLED which sport a completely different connector. I would pull the trigger but the shipping costs gives me pause at the moment. I’ll consider it when I run out of these questionable ones.

The cheap nature of these LED strips are a double edged sword. It’s nice that parts like connectors, remotes, power supplies and the LED strips themselves are cheap but if I wanted something more like the ability to program the wireless remote frequency, I’m out of luck.

This brings me to my final point: Test out power supplies and other accessories as soon as you receive them because they could be dead on arrivals.

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Checkpoint: LED Edition

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Checkpoint - LED Edition

I purchased a 5 meter 5050 LED strip from to backlight my HDTV. It came with the LED strip, an IR remote and power supply. I paid about $40 for it.

The effect was worth it but there were a few issues:

  1. The adhesive isn’t very good. It’s 3M double sided tape but it’s already peeling off.
  2. The LED strip cannot make 90 degree turns. I have to purchase some L shaped connectors to remedy this problem.
  3. 5050 RGB LEDs are nice but I am probably okay with the cheaper single color 3528 LEDs
  4. The IR receiver that came with this bundle uses some of the same codes as my A/V receiver. I’ve already ordered an RF remote to deal with this issue.

I may have spent too much but consider it a few lessons learned. In a few week’s time, I should have everything working as intended with the HDTV.

I’ve already backlit the HDTV in the basement and I’m already considering backlighting the headboard of my nonexistent bedroom set.

I tried to play Dragon Age: Origins but I couldn’t get over the type of fantasy nonsense that was going on. Dragon Age was too “high fantasy” for me. I like my fantasy a bit darker a bit more “Witcher-esque”.

So then I decided to play the Battlefield 4 campaign. Let’s hope that the save file remains intact.