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GiantBombĀ 2014

It’s been a weird year for GiantBomb. Vinny, one of their talented video producers left for New York City to join Alex Navarro in New York City to form GBEast. The decision was motivated by family reasons but they’re making it work. I’m enjoying every piece of content from that two man crew.

GiantBomb filled the video producer role and Ryan Davis’ vacant spot with ex-Game Informer editors, Jason Oestreicher and Dan Ryckert. They (unsurprisingly) were excellent additions to the lineup.

At year’s end, Patrick Klepek, their news editor and horror game aficionado left at the end of this year for Kotaku.

Nothing lasts forever but despite the massive shuffling of the deck, I feel GiantBomb managed to maintain quality throughout the process.

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The LGEC9300 sports the best picture quality ever

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LG LogoCnet’s David Katzmaier posted his review of the most affordable 55″ OLED HDTV to date and apparently, it sports the best picture quality ever.

I was reminded of the many benefits and shortcomings of OLEDs through this review. Thin profiles, lower power consumption and superb picture quality are the high points but some of the shortcomings and potential issues with the technology gives me pause.

Like plasma TVs, it is susceptible to burn-in and as someone who watches sports and plays video games, this could be a deal breaker. Technologies like “pixel shifting” can help with this shortcoming but I am still weary of this.

There are also concerns about the screen’s brightness later down the road and the longevity of certain colored pixels.

The final negative is the curved screen. OLED panels can be easily manipulated but it doesn’t mean they should. Reviewers have mentioned the artifacts that are produced by curving these screens, so why do manufacturers continue to do this? Because they can market it. I just hope they get over this phase by the next round of OLED HDTVs.

I’ve always wanted an OLED. I’ve been waiting for affordable OLED screens for over 5 years. The technology sounded so promising and now we’re finally within striking range. $3000 is a lot of money for a 55″ 1080p HDTV these days but come next year, we could see them debut at $2500 or less and then I’ll consider getting my hands on one.

I just hope they make enough advancements to address the longevity and image retention issues.


CES 2012: Year of the 55″ OLED HDTV

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That’s a lot of screen.

I used to think highly of Sony’s LCD HDTVs, but I’ve since given up on the failing conglomerate’s screens and hopped onboard the LG train. LG makes great screens. I really like 55LE8500 I picked up last year and unless LG starts stinking it up with their screens, I’ll continue to keep them in the running.

So it shouldn’t be much of surprise to know that I’m very much looking forward to LG’s 55″ OLED effort. The styling is elegant with its 1 mm bezel and that “Magic Remote” with its motion controls, built-in mic and trackball would make me pause for a second and rethink my Logitech Harmony strategy.

Samsung also announced their own 55″ OLED screen, but like LG they have yet to announce pricing. If you’re waiting for Sony, you may be waiting awhile as they’ve pulled out of the consumer OLED game.

More Impressions With The LG 55LE8500

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A few weeks have passed since I bought the LE8500, so I thought I should share a few more impressions with the set.

Perusing the AVSForums can be extremely dangerous. They will highlight problems that you may have overlooked initially and completely ruin the way you look at your HDTV. Nearly every HDTV out there has some sort of flaw and the LE8500 is no different.

The most noticeable “problem” is the reflective glass screen. I admit it has become more distracting during late afternoons than I initially expected, but it also helped me realize how poor my blinds are.

The second point of concern is the banding. Reviews have mentioned it and I do notice it in certain situations (ie: PS3 submenu after holding the PS button), but honestly it’s something I can accept. It only happens in very specific circumstances and it isn’t an active problem like the red flashing where the entire image is altered before my eyes.

Other than those two issues, I’ve been more than pleased with this screen.