E3 2008: Microsoft Press Conference Summary

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What a day it’s been. That Microsoft press conference was quite the bore up until the very end when “shit got real”. Anyways, for those who don’t have the time to scour the net for all the juicy footage and essential info, I did it allĀ for you. Enjoy.

Trust me, this list is a lot more exciting than having it slowly revealed to you.

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The Great Xbox 360 Info Leak

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What happens when your website’s security system can be circumvented by removing a small section of text? You get leaks. Lots of leaks about various Xbox 360 titles. The source of the leak comes from market research site called Intellisponse. Some of the leaks include proposed Forza Motorsport 3 concepts, potential Call of Duty 5 boxarts and possible details for the upcoming singing game called Lips.

To think that it all started with a little article about the possibility of Avatars, a Mii like option, for the Xbox 360. For more leaky goodness, check this thread. There’s even some Guitar Hero 4 stuff there!