LucasArts Closes; Star Wars 1313 Cancelled

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LucasArts is no more. Disney decided to shutdown the publisher and developer and focus on licensing out Star Wars rather than develop games for it internally. As a result Star Wars 1313 was cancelled. There’s a chance that the game could resurface with another developer or publisher but since one of the hooks of the project was LucasArts and their partnership with Industrial Light & Magic, I doubt it could work out.

I can’t say I’m going to miss LucasArts because I didn’t grow up playing their games. I know them for their Star Wars games and that’s it. Star Wars: Republic Commando was a fun title but that was a long time ago. As for Star Wars: Force Unleashed? It did not look very appealing to me at all.  Star Wars 1313 was the only LucasArts developed Star Wars game that I was excited for prior to release.

Judging by their recent track record, I guess it makes sense for Disney fold the studio.

Disney Acquires LucasFilm

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If you haven’t heard already, Disney — the owner of both Marvel and Pixar — are now also owners of LucasFilm and all the assets that come with that name. That includes Industrial Light & Magic, Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties.

Here’s an interview with George Lucas detailing his reasons for the sale and his intentions for his most notable property.

Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015? And more films in two to three year intervals? A new trilogy that will finally complete the trilogy of trilogies. George Lucas’ involvement in all of this will be as a “creative consultant”.

I’m not for or against this move and I’m not particularly interested in what the new trilogy will bring. I am, however, interested in Star Wars 1313 and its future.

Apparently for the time being, the Star Wars 1313 project (and all LucasArts projects) are proceeding like “business as usual“. However, from now on LucasArts will be focusing on casual and mobile titles. They are willing to license out Star Wars to other studios who wish to create something a bit more substantive on consoles though.

I was initially surprised by the sale — specifically the $4.05 billion price tag. It’s actually $3 billion less than what Disney paid for Pixar and approximately the same price they paid for Marvel. Whoever is setting up these deals for Disney is quite the bargainer.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition PC Review

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I can see how Monkey Island 2 killed off adventure games the first time around.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but having just finished the sequel to Secret of Monkey Island, I understand how people were put off by adventure games and their quirks. I personally have no desire to play the other two “classic” Monkey Island games and will probably move onto Telltale’s more modern Tales of Monkey Island series thanks to Monkey Island 2.

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The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Review

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I’m no stranger to the point and click adventure games. I’m not crazy about them, but I am open to their ways of doing things. And yet, I’ve never played any of the LucasArts classics. Instead I have “modern” point and click adventures like Capcom’s Ace Attorney series and Telltale’s Sam & Max series as my frame of reference. This is probably why I found The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition a bit disappointing. Don’t raise your pitchforks just yet! I’ll have you know, it’s a common side effect of remaking a 19 year old game.

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