Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Review

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I didn’t know what to expect from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I knew it involved vacuum cleaners and haunted houses but I had no idea how the game was structured. I had no idea it was going to be chopped up into morsels and spoon fed to me. Perhaps this partitioning of “levels” stemmed from the original or perhaps it was thet nature of going portable — I don’t know. All I know is Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon went out of its way to disrupt any momentum I had going into each play session.

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Checkpoint: Haswell Edition

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Reviews of Intel’s 4th generation Core are out and for they are revolutionary as per usual. I’ve stopped caring about large double digit improvements on desktop CPUs since Sandy Bridge’s introduction. It was then that I noticed CPUs were not the primary limiting factor for games; the GPUs are usually the weaker links.

I’m far more concerned with features and power consumption. The lack of overclocking potential doesn’t bother me. I don’t even want the “K” series of chips because they lack features like VT-d which will be invaluable in a virtualization environment. I am planning this Haswell PC becoming my new home server in like 5 year’s time.

A handful of the major computer parts retailers are accepting pre-orders but their prices have inflated over the MSRP by several dollars. I don’t appreciate this kind of gouging. I’m also interested in the Intel Core i5 4670S which is proving difficult to locate early on. Is it not available through retail channels? I may have to settle with the regular Core i5 4670.

Waiting will also give me time to look into the latest mITX motherboards based on Intel’s brand new 8 series chipsets. I hear the first revisions have USB 3.0 issues which should be addressed in July. The issues are not show stoppers but why put up with a known fault?

A few blemishes during this launch but it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to build a new PC around Haswell.

I wrapped up Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. A review of it should be up by midweek. I’m nearing the end of God of War: Ascension as well. Both games have underwhelmed me in different ways but I feel Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was far more grating on me.

I started Fire Emblem: Awakening. So far, so good.



Checkpoint: Extra Long Weekend Edition

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It’s been awhile since I had some time off. I took an extra day (May 21st) so I could just do nothing.

I wish I had a weekend project to work on but the one thing I want to work on (new home server) isn’t possible at the moment. So what will I do? I already spent a day at a wedding and I suspect one of these days will be spent charring meats.

The game(s) of the weekend will probably be God of War: Ascension and Mechwarrior: Online sprinkled with some Luigi’s Mansion 2.

I guess I’ll continue working on my Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon review and perhaps that Unreal Engine 3 feature.

You know what? It may also just be filled with Star Trek: TNG episodes. The important thing is I’m earning money and not working.

Checkpoint: Netflix Canada Edition

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I’m finding a lot of enjoyment from NetFlix — even in the so called “limited” Canadian version. I have not even considered looking into changing IPs and connecting to the U.S repository yet.

The shows I’m currently watching and re-watching include:

  • Arrested Development
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Twin Peaks

NetFlix’s gamble with original content like “House of Cards” worked; they lured me in with fantastic original programming and now I’m continuing to give them a monthly rate. I’m going to continue paying for it until I’ve exhausted all that they have.

I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon though. I still have the often praised Mad Men to watch and much more “shows” that I’ve been skipping on because I was too lazy to invest in. As it turns out, I will gladly consume content if it’s as easy as watching a YouTube clip.

My latest muse is Twin Peaks. I’ve heard many good things about it but I had my reservations. I finished House of Cards UK but there were signs from its time that were a bit jarring. Twin Peaks, on the other hand, holds up remarkably well. I’ve only watched the first episode but I can see all the cultural influences at work here. I look forward to watching more of it.

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