MadCatz Official Response To SE Stick Problems

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Update: 1UP has an interview with Alex V. of MadCatz concerning the Standard Edition stick problems.

I pre-ordered the MadCatz Standard Edition FightStick a few days ago in hopes that I will get them soon. Now I hope it doesn’t arrive until MadCatz fixes the problem with them. I have the patience to wait for a proper stick. Tournament Edition sticks, which cost around $180 CAD, have minor aesthetic issues such as scratches. The real kicker is the problem with the Standard Edition FightStick.

Here’s the gist of it courteousy of and NeoGAF:

This defect is a design issue that would appear to effect all $80 MadCatz Fight Sticks.
It has a washer on the stick that scrapes against the PCB (circuit board). This eats away at the connections and destroys the stick, rendering it useless.
If you have this stick and you notice the stick “sticking” or not responding… this is probably the reason why.

Apparently MadCatz will take care of the defective stick. Even the shipping costs.

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