Game of the Year 2013 Day 2 of 3

The choices for most surprising and disappointing games of the 2013 were, in fact, surprising to me. Sure fired hits didn’t pan out like I thought they would and games that I was skeptical with turned out to be some of my favorite titles of the year.

Most Disappointing Game of 2013

Winner: Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

It wasn’t the F2P nature of the game. It wasn’t the in-game ads promoting plants that were on sale. I didn’t enjoy the actual game and progression of Plants vs Zombies 2. It felt like an expansion pack and not the sequel to the charming tower defence game that I bought twice (on iOS and PC).

For some reason, I still believe a proper sequel will emerge and this Plants vs Zombies 2 game that we have today was just a big hoax.

Runner ups: God of War: Ascension, MechWarrior: Online

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Review

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is one of my favorite RPGs featuring Nintendo’s premier mascots. Nostalgia is likely clouding my judgement; that game probably isn’t as wondrous as I remember but it must be more entertaining than Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Nintendo and AlphaDream’s Mario & Luigi: Dream Team soured me on the whole Mario & Luigi franchise. The second of two spiritual successors to my beloved Super Mario RPG will likely stay on my blacklist for awhile because of this game. I keep hearing Bowser’s Inside Story was a superior game but I can’t bring myself to consider going back.

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Checkpoint: Netflix TV Q3 2013 Edition


I’ve watched a lot more TV over the past few months than I have through all of 2012. Thanks Netflix.

It started with House of Cards and followed with Star Trek: The Next Generation which I’ve already spoke about at length. I watched Twin Peaks in parallel and was impressed with how well it held up. I also took in a healthy dose of laughter courtesy of Arrested Development.

I mentioned all the above in a previous Checkpoint and decided to provide an update:

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Checkpoint: Living in the Backlog Edition


I’ll admit it. All these GIFs, screen caps and commercials of Grand Theft Auto V does make me regret not pre-ordering it during FutureShop’s E3 promotion.

I’ll get over it though. The need to clear the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 backlog prevails. I just looked through my shelf and forgot I had a few outstanding classics that need completion.

  1. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection (both games)
  2. God of War: Ghost of Sparta
  3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

I have Rayman: Origins “trophy run” to complete as well.

Injustice was an unexpected get. For whatever reason, a Costa Rican account signing in to  the Moroccan Xbox Live! Marketplace were able to download a handful of games for free including Injustice: Gods Among Us, Sonic Adventure, Flashback and Ikaruga.

I don’t like Mario & Luigi: Dream Team very much. It continues to fight me with its tutorials and lame jokes. These jokes aren’t fun puns; they just fall flat. It’s a combination of the art style and the anime influence. I found the Paper Mario series’ writing more entertaining.

I’ll stick with it but I’m just treating it like a MMORPG at this point — just give me the quest so I can move on.