Savestate: Shocking Replacements

White DualShock 4

White Dual Shock 4 controller

The instant grip of the original Dual Shock 4 controller revision was awesome. Coming from the Dual Shock 3 and the Xbox 360 controllers, the grippy texture of the Dual Shock 4 was a revelation at the time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.

Since I wasn’t going to pick up a white console any time soon, I did the next best thing and picked up a white Dual Shock 4 controller for $40. It’s gorgeous and the improved rubber material on the thumb sticks will undoubtedly last longer but they had to sacrifice that initial grip factor that I loved.

I accept that sacrifice if it means that the controller will last more than a year.

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Frostbite 3 & selling the next generation

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If anyone needs convincing on what the next generation of consoles can bring in terms of visual fidelity, tell them to check out this Frostbite 3 video.

It isn’t an accurate representation of what the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 can muster but it is certainly more feasible on the new hardware than on the hardware of old. Could you imagine what the next Mass Effect or Mirror’s Edge game would look like with this engine?

Also what’s up with that Command and Conquer game? I completely forgot it was even in development.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel – Shepard’s Last Adventure

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Apparently this is the final piece of DLC for Mass Effect 3 and Commander Shepard herself (I refuse to acknowledge dude Shepard).

The dialog is corny has hell and it doesn’t have my favorite Salarian, Mordin but that music is wonderful. I don’t think I’ll get back into Mass Effect via this piece of DLC though. I picked up the “Lair of the Shadow Broker” because it contributed to the lore in a significant way. This “Citadel” piece simply looks like a reunion episode and I don’t need that yet.

BioWare Founders Retire

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ea-logo.pngDr. Greg Zeschuk and Dr. Ray Muzyka are retiring from BioWare. Both Greg and Ray have written blog posts detailing their reasons for leaving and a few words of farewell for the fans.

Some say this is the end of BioWare but I’m not so cynical. I’d like to believe the Mass Effect franchise will continue with some semblance of the core values of the company when it was under the vision Ray and Greg.

I was familiar with their work prior to this generation — I knew of Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire and KOTOR — but I never played any of their games. My first BioWare game was actually in 2007 with the release of the first Mass Effect. And now 5 years later, the Mass Effect franchise continues to be the only BioWare franchise I’ve invested in.

I wish “the Doctors” all the best and sincerely hope their legacy won’t be eroded away by EA.

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