Checkpoint: Leesa Edition

Those who know me think I’m a bit of an odd ball for ordering so many items off the internet — specifically Amazon. They found it odd that I’ve ordered clothes, furniture, non-perishable groceries, candy, and other “common” items off online retailers. Well now I’ve stepped up my game and ordered a king sized Leesa mattress.

My girlfriend and I have been using it for the past couple of weeks and we’re both happy with it. It’s not too soft for me and she doesn’t find it too firm either so we’re both coming away happy. Now I’m awaiting the arrival of the bed frame and a “box spring”. I could get away with just a mattress foundation but since I like my bed a little higher, I opted to get a “box spring” as well. I use quotation marks because the box spring I’m acquiring is going to be made out of steel and I have to assemble it myself. 

These relatively blind purchases have panned out for me. I consulted sources like The Sweethome and Sleep Like the Dead but that only gives me an idea of what to expect and doesn’t beat me actually trying it for myself. So I put faith in Leesa and’s return policy to take care of me if I happen to not like the mattress. Fortunately for all involved, we like the mattress and are keeping it. I just hope it endures the test of time and I’m not looking for a new mattress in 2018.