Checkpoint: 16GB of DDR4 Edition

The first piece of my new PC arrived last week. I pulled the trigger on it because it reached the lowest recorded price point ever on and across all retailers according to PCPartPicker’s price tracker.

I chose the Crucial Ballistix Sport because it met some very simple criteria:

  • It was cheap.
  • I chose 2 x 8GB because two sticks of 16GB memory was far too costly
  • I chose DDR4-2400 because I wanted to do some light overclocking

So why did I just buy the memory? What about all the other parts? I’m in no rush to build this PC because I’m waiting for NVIDIA’s next generation GPUs to arrive. However, I do have a cut off date: July 29, 2016. That’s when Microsoft stops offering free upgrades to Windows 10.

This will be my smallest PC yet. It will be a mini-itx based PC but I’m moving down to cases that can accommodate full sized GPUs and SFX power supplies. I’m trying to build a powerful and quiet console sized gaming PC.

The Division comes out next week so in the meantime it’s been a lot of Street Fighter V and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. I’m enjoying both but they’re not without their issues. Street Fighter V makes a gorgeous first impression but after spending some time looking at the the characters and stages, the flaws become increasingly irksome and disappointing. I don’t ever recall a mainline Street Fighter title debuting with such disregard for detail.

As for Fire Emblem gripes? The awkward anime tropes and awkward handling of offspring. I didn’t meddle with this stuff in Fire Emblem: Awakening and while it’s nice to see new characters on my roster, it’s offset by the peculiar handling of raising children.

Some Mini-ITX boards have gone nuts

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I’m a big fan of Mini-ITX motherboards. I’ve built one mini-itx build last year and I’m in the middle of building another. They have everything I need for a modern computer in a small form factor. But I have never built a mini-itx computer with a motherboard like this ASUS ROG Maximus VI. It’s ridiculous.

ASUS ROG Maximus VI Mini-ITX

With the memory DIMMs installed, it looks like the CPU will be surrounded by printer circuit board walls. It looks like some kind of futuristic play set of some kind.

At $220 it is way out of my price range for a motherboard of any size. I don’t even spend that much on a CPU sans tax. There are a lot of luxury items built in but are they worth it? I  appreciate the integrated wireless solution and while the sound card is a nice addition, I don’t know if I have the ears to be able to tell the difference. On the plus side, it’s a very good looking motherboard.