Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Video

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Another day, another video.

Guild Wars was my first and only “MMORPG”. It wasn’t really any MMO though since it was instanced. Guild Wars 2 is addressing that along with many other things which traditional MMORPG haters gripe out about including grinding and repetitive missions.

Guild Wars 2 will continue the tradition of no monthly fees which is a big plus in my books. But will ArenaNet substitute monthly fees with expansion packs like they did with the original or will they go the micro-transaction route? I’m hoping for the latter which I heard they started to do with the original.

For more info on Guild Wars 2, visit the official website. There’s no release date as of yet.

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG Announced

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That BioWare and LucasArts MMORPG announcement thing is going right now. It’s official and it’ll be called Star Wars: The Old Republic. 1UP has the entire live blog if you’re keen on the finer details, but if you’d like high level details: I’ve got you covered.

  • Takes place 3500 years before the movie and 300 years after KOTOR 1&2
  • They were “only talking PC today”
  • There will be companion characters
  • Wants to use an art style which will work with a wide range of PC hardware
  • No release date announced
  • Open beta at some point

If you’re looking for some early screenshots and artwork, take a gander below:

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