The Future of Netbooks… With Intel!

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intel_logo.pngA few morsels of info for Intel’s next generation Atom processor surfaced today. The details are scarce — no performance numbers — but we were given some interesting details.

  • New platform name is codenamed “Pine Trail”
  • “Pine Trail” platform will consist of two steps instead of the current setup of three
  • The CPU, GPU & Memory controller will live in one 45nm chip codenamed “Pineview”
  • I/O functions (SATA, HD Audio, etc) will live in the other chip codenamed “Tiger Point”

Exciting? A bit. By integrating three major components into the same chip package will undoubtedly yield performance benefits. Cooler running platform? Definitely! It’ll also be cheaper to manufacture which will hopefully mean cheaper netbooks for us all.

Intel isn’t just focusing on hardware for netbooks. Take a look at their Moblin 2.0 operating system:

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