Modernist Cuisine

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Food + Science = Super Tasty Food

Modernist Cuisine is super fascinating to me. I’m not much of a cook but watching Maxime Bilet get into the nitty gritty science behind each ingredient and how he uses equipment usually found in a laboratory to make food taste even more amazing.

 I’m envious of Will & Norm who get to taste these concoctions. They get to taste pea butter and pea juice that was extracted from a washing machine sized centrifuge. So good.

Once I stock up and finish settling in my new home, I’m going to look up one of these “Modernist Cuisine at Home” recipes and try it for myself. (Which if you notice is after October 8, 2012). They have another book called “Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking” but that’s $500. I love eating tasty food but I’m not willing to commit that much into it.