Checkpoint: Weekend Movies Edition

We started watching Blade Runner on Friday. I watched the movie for the first time a few years ago but I watched it on DVD. I thought the movie was good but watching it on a 55″ HDTV was a bit too much for the 480p movie. 

I enjoyed the movie but the grimy and unclear image of DVD left me wanting. This Blu-ray remaster of the Director’s Cut is very impressive. The CG hasn’t aged particularly well but I’m still impressed with how clear everything comes through. We’ve only watched half the movie (GF got sleepy) but I’m finding it a more enjoyable watch this go around. I’m hoping we wrap it up sooner rather than later. 

The girlfriend’s enthusiasm for the Marvel Cinematic Universe™ resulted in us watching Thor: Ragnarok on Sunday. I found it entertaining but it will likely fade into memory as “just another” Marvel movie in my mind. My problem with the Marvel movies (and most superhero movies) is the lack of weight for many of the actions. They seem to treat death in a very Disney manner which is to say: they give it screen time and quickly move on. They don’t seem to care about who lives or dies (except for the faceless innocent masses) so why should I care? I know Thor isn’t going to die; he doesn’t even seemed to be phased by the loss of an eye.  

Speaking of eye: I don’t know if I grew a more discerning one for computer generated imagery or whatever but I found much of it in Ragnarok to be poor. Any time the CG interacts with humans, it stood out. I’m very curious to see how all of these movies stand the test of time.  

I finally saw the credits roll for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s still more to do and I didn’t see the true ending yet but I’m currently satisfied with what I’ve played. I’ll be summing up my thoughts with a review shortly. Up next? Super Mario Odyssey. 


Checkpoint: It’s Groundhog Day Edition

“Well it’s Groundhog Day again…”

Another classic is off my watch list and what a movie it was. I had an idea what to expect but I was still surprised with how well the movie was put together. I watched it on Crackle which interrupted the movie with the periodic ads. It was widescreen but in standard definition. And yet, I still found that the movie held up remarkably well.

It’s a relatable tale about life, the treatment of other, self reflection and self improvement. I’ve never felt the boredom of everyday life; I know I’m living a routine but the tiny daily goals that I set for myself keep me going.

The next classic to watch is the original Ghostbusters. I guess I should have watched that first but the draw and fascination surrounding Groundhog Day was too tough to ignore.

I need to write up my thoughts on Overwatch. I really enjoy it still and I can’t see myself putting this game down as long as Blizzard regularly updates it. Of course, that’s easy for me to say in the middle of summer gaming drought but that’s my intention.

Checkpoint: About Them Avengers Edition

I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron on Friday. It was okay. The action was excellent, it had its funny moments and the cast of characters were better represented. But I felt the buildup and overarching narrative between the the movies to be more intriguing. Ultron was supposed to be the star of the show but he was quickly dispatched in the end when they decided to introduce the idea of the Infinity Gems. It was like they were saying “You served your purpose, Ultron. Now bugger off.”.

I watched Thor: The Dark World yesterday and l had similar impressions as well. I thought it was going to be different with the swerve concerning Loki but in the end, nothing of significant consequence happened in that movie. It was just another adventure where an Infinity Gem was unveiled, the heroes win and I’m left wondering where the Avengers were during these “harrowing” times.

I first felt this way while watching Iron Man 3. Where were the Avengers when Tony’s home was attacked? Where were the Avengers when a giant alien ship loomed over London? They can’t simply acknowledge the events of Avengers movies and then have them mysteriously absent when a large scale world ending catastrophe occurs. They can’t have it both ways.

It’s best not to think of any of this but when they’re trying to tie everything together, they’re stimulating the part of my brain that conjures up possibilities and “What if?” scenarios and I cannot turn it off.



I think I’m over the half way mark with Broken Age’s second act. If I can finish before The Witcher 3 arrives, I’ll be happy camper.

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