Checkpoint: Blu-ray Movies Galore Edition

I just finished off my disapproving preview of the PlayStation Home. It really is irrelevant as it stands right now. Now I’m listening to the latest episode of 1UP Yours. So instead of entertaining thoughts of Sony’s relatively poor sales, let’s talk about Blu-ray movies and my growing collection of unwatched movies!

  • Band of Brothers
  • The Dark Knight
  • Wall-E
  • The Godfather

I want to watch it all and no better time to start than this upcoming holiday break. My Blu-ray collection has grown quite a bit and I’ve begun to stack them. I need a new shelf or something. If anyone has recommendations for storing all this stuff, please let me know!

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Sony’s Columbia Pictures Blocks Movies From NXE’s Netflix Streaming

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If I was an American and was a fan of streaming movies from the net, I would be somewhat upset over the fact that Sony’s Columbia Pictures is blocking its movies from being streamed through the New Xbox Experience’s NetFlix functionality.

Is Sony just being petty? Not completely. Apparently, it’s a valid licensing issue involving just the streaming of movies via the Xbox 360. NetFlix is working with Columbia Pictures in resolving this issue so it’s not worth posting rants over. Just sit back, relax and think about what your Avatar is going to wear tomorrow.

Live Action Professor Layton Movies Coming & More

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The first Professor Layton by Level 5 was a charming little puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. I enjoyed it. I could see the animated cutscenes becoming a full fledged anime series, but not live action movies.

Looks like Level 5 is stepping their product and services output with a handful of new Japanese games and a new “virtual platform” service called ROID (Revolutionary Original Ideas Discovery). I honestly could not figure out how this service is going to work. For more details and elaboration on all of this, head over to 1UP’s news post.

Checkpoint: Blu-ray Movie Watching Edition

So I’ve been on quite the movie blitz lately. Correction. I’ve been on quite the Blu-ray movie blitz lately. Since last Saturday I’ve been watching one Blu-ray per day. Here’s the breakdown with ratings. Keep in mind I’ve watched these movies before:

  • Saturday-  Terminator 2: Judgement Day (A -)
  • Sunday- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (C +)
  • Monday – Spider-man (A )
  • Tuesday – Spider-man 2 (B -)
  • Wednesday – Spider-man 3 (C+)
  • Thursday – Casino Royale (A+)

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