Take 7 min to learn about Advanced Warfare’s MP

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I had an idea what Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer was about before but now it’s crystal clear. I hope all these fancy new moves and gadgets aren’t rendered moot because it’s so easy to take someone down or by overly aggressive aim assist.

This video is special because I believe it is the first time that another Call of Duty developer actually called another Call of Duty game by name. They actually acknowledged the fact that they lifted a feature from Black Ops. We need more of this from the Call of Duty developers. If there’s a good idea, it should permeate across the entire franchise.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MP Trailer

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The campaign trailer and demonstrations for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare convinced me to pull the trigger on the FutureShop E3 pre-order. I was wowed by the visual upgrade and was looking forward to Sledgehammer Games’ futuristic take on the franchise. A shiny coat of paint can go a long way with me.

Today, the multiplayer trailer debuted and I’m left wondering where those impressive visuals went. This doesn’t look terrible by any means but it doesn’t scream “next-gen” to me. The scale isn’t there.

Okay. That’s fine. How does the gameplay look?

I’m reminded of Crysis 2’s multiplayer and the suit powerups which is a plus. I like the mobility that the double jump enables. I’m not too thrilled about the quick deaths or apparent lack of recoil though.

Charlie Intel has more gameplay videos. The high flying nature of the game reminds me of classic arena shooters from yesteryear. I can get behind that. Now if only they would confirm the existence of Gun Game…

Battlefield 4 PS4 MP Report #3

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New servers and the high frequency update patch have transformed Battlefield 4’s multiplayer into a workable state. I feel like this is version 1.0 of a Battlefield game and like all Battlefield games, there are still issues to iron out.

The “Squad Join” feature made a come back but I have yet to see anyone from my friends list use it. I play with plenty of NeoGAF regulars and I have yet to join any of their squads.

Then there’s the built-in Battlelog which inexplicably broke for me. Even when it’s working, they have yet to make it useful. We still cannot customize our loadouts or join players reliably through that damn thing.

The core game itself is fine but I’m not sure if it’s just me settling for a workable experience or it is actually acceptable. I haven’t witnessed any balancing breaking tactics or weapons so I guess that’s a good sign.

I’ll continue to play it with NeoGAF members for the foreseeable future. Battlefield: Hardline’s multiplayer beta squashed any interest I had with that game, so this is my goto Battlefield game for the next year or so. I just hope DICE keeps their word and continue to improve it.

Destiny (PS4) Alpha Impressions

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Destiny Logo

Destiny isn’t just Borderlands expanded to its natural MMORPG-esque conclusion. No, Destiny actually has enemies with enough brains to dodge and challenge me. It felt like I was playing a larger sequel to Halo: Reach (without the Halo trappings).

Even on “Brave” difficulty, it was immediately apparent that Destiny’s enemies weren’t distant cousins of those found in Borderlands. The smarter ones hide away from sniper fire and will rush me down if they believe they had the advantage. I didn’t notice much diving from grenades like in Reach though. I suspect higher difficulties will reveal more advanced A.I routines.

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