NeoGAF Presents G.A.M.E. 2 – More Electric Goodness

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The first G.A.M.E. was an excellent collection of videogame inspired electronica. It’s sequel, G.A.M.E. 2, aims for that “theatrical music” theme. If you’re a fan of the first album or just a fan electronica, give this newest addition a whirl.

There’s quite a bit of flavor and variety in this album. There are also a lot more songs I can personally relate with and lose myself to. The album’s aim was to be “more emotive, drawing mental images of various scenes from the listener” and I’d say they succeeded. And just as they release their second collaboration, a third one is already in the works. Looking forward to it!

Details on G.A.M.E. 2 are as follows:

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I Wish I Was Musically Gifted

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Watch this segment on the KORG DS-10 from the 1UP Show from a few weeks ago:

That’s an amazing use of the DS, isn’t?! Seriously, one of the coolest things I’ve seen for the DS. When I first saw it, I was awe struck by the crazy beats people can make with that thing. That’s nice with two, but how about four Nintendo DS handhelds synced by wireless?

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Patapon Review

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How do you squeeze a music rhythm game into the real-time tactics game? Ask PaRappa the Rapper developer, Interlink/Pyramid, who created the lovable Patapon for the PlayStation Portable. Patapon treads uncharted territory and does so with unwavering resolve, but do the quirky visuals and unorthodox fusion of genres yield a game worth playing? A resounding: “Yes!”

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A Day in the Life of Nobuo Uematsu

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Famous Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu, gave 1UP one of the best interviews I had the pleasure of reading or watching. He and his wife allowed Mielke, O’Donnell and their translator Kyoko to spend a day at their summer home. They talked, drank and gave them an awesome glimpse into the man’s life.

They asked him about his inspirations, his childhood days, why he left SquareEnix and much more. The entire interview was as free flowing and natural as they come. An awesome 11 page interview which fans of this brilliant man’s work should read.

Who knew this self taught musician would be so successful?

Check out the full interview over at 1UP.

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