About the Death of Flagship Studios

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Flagship Studios Hellgate: London was pretty much a make or break venture. Unfortunately, it broke them and brought down the promising Mythos along with it.

A month later, Bill Roper and Jeff Green of 1UP’s PC side got together and had an interesting chat. They talked about Flagship’s final months and the harsh reality of creating and maintaining your own game studio. The interview spans eight pages, but it’s all worthwhile reading since it provides a rare insight to what happens when things don’t go as planned.

For those who don’t know, Bill Roper worked on the Diablo series before leaving the company to form Flagship Studios.

Mythos is Fun, Free and on Hold

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Flagship Studios’ Hellgate: London wasn’t what people hoped for and for an upstart developer, it hurt them. What sucks, is how their failed project is affecting the company’s other projects such as the promising free to play Diablo-clone, Mythos. Until further notice, Mythos is on hold.

With all the bad news surrounding Flagship Studios, I’m hoping Mythos isn’t on permenant hiatus. When I first saw it a few months ago, it sure looked fun for a free game.

Three Signups You May Like

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What is this? Spam?! No, just some stuff you may like to sign up for.

  1. First up, GTAIV fans should register to the “Rockstar Social Club“. Cool kids are there.
  2. Next, the Quake Live beta test which will allow you to test out id Software’s web based Quake 3 re-release.
  3. Finally, check out the Mythos website to sign up for the upcoming beta.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to create my Konami and Game ID’s for the Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta.

Mythos – A Free Diablo Clone

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Flagship Studios’ Hellgate: London was a Diablo-clone at its core. It didn’t launch with the highest praise, but don’t let that sour your opinion of the developer because they’re going to release a another Diablo clone: Mythos. On the bright side, it’s a free MMORPG and a lot more traditional than Hellgate: London; it’s up to you to see if this will be a good thing or not.

It looks promising and I am interested in trying it out, but unfortunately it is in closed beta. An open beta phase will begin in the near future though.

Keep an eye on it.