E3 2010: Day 1 Highlights – Nintendo Edition

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Short of watching the press conference for yourself (I missed it), I highly recommend visiting Nintendo’s excellent E3 site. All the details and media for most of Nintendo’s announced titles could be found there.

I wish all console manufacturers did it as easy as Nintendo’s site.

For the lazy, I’ve listed the gist of things. It’s not the prettiest list, but it gets the job done.

Nintendo 3DS Announced – No release date

  • 3.53 inch glasses-free 3D top screen
  • 3.02 inch bottom touch screen
  • 1 inner camera
  • 2 outer cameras for 3D pictures
  • Motion sensor & gyro sensor
  • Analog nub aka “Slide Pad”

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Here’s a Ghost Trick Screen or Two

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Update: Now with gameplay trailer!

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is the latest piece of work coming from the creator of the Ace Attorney series which I adore very much. I don’t know much about it aside from the fact that I’ll be playing as a ghost named Sissel who’s trying to foil evil doers through the use of manipulation or “tricks”. Yes, there will be puzzle elements.

The screenshots don’t show much gameplay, but it does show off the neat art style.

Ghost Trick is coming Winter 2010 exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo 3DS Announced

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nintendo-logoEveryone was expecting the next Nintendo handheld to be announced at E3 2010 in June. I don’t think anyone expected Nintendo to put out a press release (for investors) announcing their intentions.

So what do we know about the Nintendo 3DS?

  • It’ll come out between April 2010 and March 2011
  • It can “enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses”
  • Full backwards compatibility with previous Nintendo DS products
  • The two screens will likely be using parallax barrier Sharp LCD technology
    • Screens will likely be no larger than 4 inches
  • The handheld will likely use NVIDIA’s Tegra or Tegra 2 GPU
  • Will feature improved battery life and Wi-fi capabilities
  • May also support a 3D joystick and force feedback

I’ve got to admit, I am excited for this. I’d love to experience some Mario in 3D — especially without glasses! I’m sure we’ll see more at E3 2010!

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