Checkpoint: NFL Divisional Playoff 2016 Edition

All we want are competitive playoff games and the 2015-16 NFL playoffs have delivered thus far. So far, every game aside from the Kansas City @ Houston game was a competitive down to the last possession or so. Last night’s Green Bay @ Arizona game was the highlight game of the playoffs thus far with an incredible overtime win by the Cardinals. It’s always heartwarming to see veterans like Larry Fitzgerald make game winning plays.

The Seattle @ Carolina game could have been another embarrassing blowout game but Seattle showed resilience and made it a bit of a nail biter. I don’t know how the vaunted Carolina defense gave up so many points in the second half but I’m glad to see a new face in the NFC Championship game.

I’m cheering for New England to come out of the AFC but I wouldn’t mind them losing in the Super Bowl if it means Arizona wins. It would be amusing to see Carson Palmer win after all he’s been through in his career. I would also love to see Larry Fitzgerald win silverware before he retires as well — especially because he stuck with one team throughout his career. It’s rare to see that and I would like to see that kind of loyalty get rewarded.

I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. I’m relieved that it’s over and will be sharing my thoughts on it later this week.

I started Undertale. It has its moments but I’m not digging it yet. The random battles are tedious. I love the music and I keep hearing it gets better in the latter half which is why I’m going to keep with it. I also started the intriguing Puzzles & Dragons on the Nintendo 3DS.

Checkpoint: NFL Wild Card Weekend 2016 Edition

The Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans game was a comedy of errors by the Houston offence — specifically at the quarterback position. It was also a snooze fest as the Chiefs routed the Texans 30 – 0. The second game? The Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals game was an ugly affair. The heavy rain didn’t help, the strong defences didn’t help but those two things paled in comparison to the cheap and dumb plays by both teams.

We witnessed two Steelers’ sideline coaches misbehaving and then we saw two Bengals’ defensive players implode and cost their teams the game. There’s no drama like NFL drama. I’m always surprised how some players lose perspective and fall into traps. How did these players not know that the Steelers were antagonizing them and hoping for reactions. It’s mind boggling.

Sundays games, with Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins, have their own story lines. I don’t know if the frigid weather will make a good game but it has to be better than the KC game. As for Packers and Redskins? I would like see Kirk Cousins to persevere and move onto the next round. I want to see at least one quarterback with no playoff experience win and I think Cousins and his team have the best shot to do so.

I shouldn’t be surprised by how good Ori and the Blind Forest is but I am. I love this game. Everything about it is cohesive and on point. I didn’t know if the “Metroidvania” aspect of it would wear out on me because I just finished Axiom Verge but it didn’t. I am actually on my way to collecting every little upgrade on the map.

I’m still chipping away at Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Why won’t it end already?

Checkpoint: Massive Sunday Edition

It’s Sundays like this that make a disappointing NFL lineup perfectly fine with me. There’s a slew of quality match-ups in European soccer that I could watch.

  • Liverpool vs Everton – Recorded
  • Arsenal vs Manchester United – Currently watching.
  • Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund – Can’t watch 🙁
  • Athletico Madrid vs Real Madrid – Can’t Watch 🙁

I might have to find some unscrupulous stream to catch up on all the action.

Or I could continue playing Massive Chalice which rapidly sank its claws in me already. I backed this game on Kickstarter and I’m very pleased to see that it’s panning out thus far. It’s still early but I love the visual style and the charming voice work that Doublefine are known for.

I could also work on my Super Mario Maker level. I need to work on unlocking more pieces which I could circumvent by setting the Wii U’s date forward but I like working within these constraints. I started the 100 Mario challenge as well. Out of the 6 or so levels that I’ve played, I found only one or two to be remotely good Mario levels. There were plenty of clever gimmicks but not enough quality platforming.



Checkpoint: 0 – 3 Edition

The following teams are 0 – 3 at the end of week 3 of the 2015-16 NFL season.

  • New Orlean Saints
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Chicago Bears

The Detroit Lions could very well end up 0 and 3 as well but they haven’t played yet at the time of writing.

0 – 3 doesn’t spell the end of a team’s playoff hopes but it does make it very tough for a team to climb back. It’s even tougher when the rest of your division plays well.

Of the three 0 – 3 teams, I feel for the Saints the most. They simply haven’t been the same since the Bountygate. They lost a season with the absence of Sean Payton, last year was rough with contract distractions and defensive woes and for this season, they lost Jimmy Graham to their conference rival, Seattle Seahawks. It could be the end of an era for New Orleans.

What have I been playing? Still Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I think I’m nearing the end of it though.

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