Checkpoint: La Duodecima Edition

Real Madrid have twelve UEFA Champions League trophies and are the first team to ever win it back-to-back. They’re not the prettiest side to watch but they just get things done when it counts and Saturday’s final was no different. Ronaldo produced quality goals and the rest of the team just came together to finish off a Juventus side that I thought were too much for Spain’s number one club. 

Will Real Madrid be able to win it thrice in a row? They still have a strong midfield presence but the depth of their attacking side was a key to their success in both their domestic and European commitments. Having James Rodriguez step off your bench is a luxury that they will likely not have next season. 

Nothing has really changed in the gaming front. I’m collecting Overwatch loot boxes when I can and keep wanting to play Nier: Automata. With the girlfriend being busy until next Tuesday, I may be able to squeeze in more quality gaming time.

Checkpoint: Off The Rails Edition

So I’m in a committed relationship for a few weeks now and it’s been absolutely wonderful. But because of this awesome relationship, my routine has been shattered and thrown off the rails. Exercise has become irregular so I try to sneak in a few sessions whenever I can. Solo gaming has become a rarity (but co-op gaming has gone up significantly). And writing posts like this have slipped a day or so. 

I’ve kept pace with my FitBit and continue to meet daily step counts but WiiFit U and other exercises have slipped a bit.

I am still technically playing Nier: Automata. I’ve played it once for a couple hours in the last two weeks. But with th Overwatch’s First Anniversary event going on, I may not complete it until July at this rate.

But I’m not complaining though. It’s been a wonderful couple of months!


Checkpoint: 34 Years Edition

It’s my parents’ 34th wedding anniversary this weekend. It hasn’t been a smooth ride for them but they’ve stuck together through thick and thin. In contrast, I’m slowly building something very promising with a very special woman. At this rate, I would be happy to even make it to 15 months let alone 15 years. 

What’s their secret? Ultimately, what they fight over is trivial compared to other couples I know. 

Still Nier: Automata. 


Checkpoint: C Nier Run Edition

I’ve been picking away at Nier: Automata for far too long now. Social responsibilities and other things like a broken HDTV have kept me from just sitting down and playing through the game. It’s also a though game for me play through because I need to retread similar story beats with two characters. The second time through is easier but it’s not something that should be a requirement. But I played through the B run as 9S to completion and finally started Nier: Automata proper: the C run. 

I was amazed by the opening of the C run but I admit its impact was very effective because I spent 35 hours going through the game as 2B and retreading with 9S. Would I have been as taken with C run if I didn’t “suffer” a bit with 9S and the B run? I don’t know. I certainly didn’t replay the first Nier multiple times to get the true ending. I also never replayed 999 for similar reasons. I have no problems replaying games right after finishing it for the first time but I don’t like it being a requirement to extract the “true” ending. 

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