Checkpoint: Why I Bought Nintendo Edition


The past week or so have not been kind to Nintendo. After announcing lower than expected sales and profits, they received a week’s worth of unrelenting criticism concerning their approach to hardware, business and games.

It’s a familiar tale to anyone who witnessed their troubles during the GameCube era.

It’s a no brainer for Nintendo to consider a new business model — the current one just doesn’t work. But I’m not here to help them out with that. I’m not even going to defend them or push back on the criticisms against them. I’m just going to tell you why I bought Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U.

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Checkpoint: Service Interruption Edition


QSF5 was down for a few days after the site’s host suspended the account. It was temporarily renewed but I’m in the process migrating to a new host. During that service interruption a number of things transpired.

Battlefield 4 is playable… sorta?

DICE and EA decided to move ahead on their map pack plans despite the fact Battlefield 4 is still a mess across all platforms. If they wish to make amends and not garner more votes for “America’s worst company” for the third straight year, they should give the Second Assault map pack to all players for free.

Along with new content, stability and bug fixes continue to trickle through in the form of client and server side patches. On the PlayStation 4, there’s less lag and far fewer crashes. Unfortunately the single player campaign still has a save corrupting bug that keeps me at bay. I know Battlefield games aren’t known for their single player campaigns but it’s just sad knowing that all aspects of this game are plagued with issues.

Still, the games I managed to squeeze in with my brother and friends have been enjoyable.

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Review

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is one of my favorite RPGs featuring Nintendo’s premier mascots. Nostalgia is likely clouding my judgement; that game probably isn’t as wondrous as I remember but it must be more entertaining than Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Nintendo and AlphaDream’s Mario & Luigi: Dream Team soured me on the whole Mario & Luigi franchise. The second of two spiritual successors to my beloved Super Mario RPG will likely stay on my blacklist for awhile because of this game. I keep hearing Bowser’s Inside Story was a superior game but I can’t bring myself to consider going back.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening Review

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It said it took me 42 hours to finish Fire Emblem: Awakening but with all the quitting and reloading of saves, I think the actual tally is somewhere in the 60 hour region.

I tackled Fire Emblem: Awakening on hard difficulty. It was a mistake I would later regret. I made my way through a couple of chapters without much resistance but then I slammed right into a wall of instant deaths. I would have to grind some levels before I could march forward.

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