SSBB Info Leak

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There was a huge outpouring of information after the Hong Kong release of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.  Marth and Ness were confirmed as returning playable characters amongst the already hefty roster. You can read the rest of the info at this site here or you can just watch the awesome intro below.

[gametrailers 30051]

There’s so much fan service in SSBB — it’s almost sickening. I absolutely adore the music as well.

December 2007 NPDs – NDS gobbles all!

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I personally don’t pay attention to the monthly NPD numbers, but December NPD numbers are just too significant to pass up. Without further ado, here are the hardware numbers:

System – December 2007 – Annual 2007
PlayStation 2 – 1.1 million – 3.97 million
PlayStation 3 – 797.6 K – 2.56 million
PlayStation Portable – 1.06 million – 3.82 million
Xbox 360 – 1.26 million – 4.62 million
Wii – 1.35 million – 6.29 million
Nintendo DS – 2.47 million – 8.50 million

Everyone did well, but some obviously better than others. Nintendo was just ridiculous. 2.47 million units in one month? Serious profits there. The PS2 numbers impressed me as well considering the “next-gen” competition. Everything else was as expected, though.

For the rest of the sales figures (including software sales) check out the thread at NeoGAF. Thanks sonycowboy.

Japanese Gaming Marketshare Pie Charts: 1996 – 2007

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Everyone loves pie charts. Here’s an interesting video of the Japanese gaming marketshare of the past 11 years.

Japan sure loves that Nintendo DS. I never knew how little marketshare the DreamCast and how resilient the WonderSwan was. XBOX, where were you after year one?

Thanks to NeoGAF poster RurouniZel for sharing it!

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