PC Targets vs Next Gen Consoles

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The initial E3 2012 reveal of Watch Dogs was running on a PC equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. The E3 2013 showing was running on early PlayStation 4 development hardware. The initial downgrade is substantial but I do believe the downgrade will be temporary. I believe in time, games will reach a similar level to that of the original Watch Dogs demo. In some cases, it may even exceed it.

This NeoGAF thread brought these comparisons to light. There are other comparisons including the Unreal Engine 4 and Capcom’s Deep Down but both have underwent recent porting efforts to consoles.

It’s early but these comparison shots do remind us of the realities of what is possible and what’s not immediately possible with the next generation of consoles.

Project Logan: 8800GTX Power for 2 – 3 W

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Check out this GeForce 8800 Ultra “Human Head” demo. Soak it in and appreciate what NVIDIA’s best had to offer in November of 2006.

Now check out Project Logan’s Mobile Kepler demo of “Ira”.

That is modern graphics rendering techniques coupled with a 2 watt GPU. If NVIDIA’s demonstrations are to be believed, Project Logan will be extremely impressive.

Project Logan is aimed squarely for the mobile space. We should be seeing these chips in larger smartphones and tablets some time in 2014.

NVIDIA is making these Kepler GPUs available to whomever wants to pay them. They’re trying to court Apple but until NVIDIA can deliver product in a timely matter, I’m afraid Apple and other manufacturers will be sticking with what works and that includes the likes of PowerVR.

I’m pleased with the fact that we can apply the age old question, “Can it run Crysis?” to mobile graphics and actually reply with a promising answer.

The Geforce GTX 770 is out

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Here’s the latest $400 video card by NVIDIA. AnandTech ran benchmarks against it and slots in comfortably on the pricing scale. I’m not too excited about this video card itself. It is more-or-less an overclocked GTX 680. I am intrigued by the latest software bundled with this card and all Geforce cards.

The Geforce Experience sounds amazing on paper. It promises to automatically update NVIDIA’s video card drivers and optimize the latest video games for your Geforce video card.

Again, it sounds great in theory but since I don’t own a Geforce card, I cannot test it out. But I guess this kind of software is better than nothing. Most games aren’t smart enough to adjust to the video card they detect, so this kind of hand tuned software should be a significant plus for who don’t wish to fuss over tessellation options.

NVIDIA’s Shield Priced To Not Move

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Remember NVIDIA’s Project Shield? That horrendous looking Android handheld that can also stream Steam games finally has a price: it can be yours for just $349.99.

That’s $100 more than a PlayStation Vita and $150 more than a Nintendo 3DS. It is cheaper than a spec comparable smartphone or tablet but that’s not something I would want to bring out in public.

So what does $349.99 get you? A handheld that can play the “hottest” Android games powered by one of the fastest (if not the fastest) SoC on the market today. If Android games doesn’t float your boat, there’s always a plethora of PC games that you can stream via your NVIDIA GeForce GTX video card.

This is one hell of a niche product for that price.

For those who have cash burning in their wallets, pre-orders open May 20th.

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