History of OpenGL vs Direct3D

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Why do game developers prefer Windows?

An innocent question that resulted in an excellent summation of the OpenGL vs Direct3D war from the mid-1990’s until now. It’s a well written and informative post that spells out how Microsoft caught up to OpenGL and eventually overtook the open standard through opportunism and the incompetence of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board.

The author also answered some age old questions like why NVIDIA video cards performed so well with OpenGL. He also provided insight on how catered Shader Models and exclusive OpenGL extensions during the GeForce 3 and Radeon 8500 days.

It was an interesting read to say the least.

NVIDIA’s Rollout Plan for Titan is Lame

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This is what happens when you’re top dog. You get to milk the release of your $999 video card and waste everyone’s time with your nonsense.

Today tech sites like AnandTech get to talk about the upcoming Geforce GTX Titan but not divulge any performance figures. Apparently we all have to wait until Thursday to see numbers like this:


The above was apparently taken down NVIDIA’s website. It’s an impressive leap over the GTX 680 but these are NVIDIA numbers and I they may be a bit generous. Why couldn’t they just allow people to release their benchmark results today? Because after tomorrow, I don’t think I will care anymore.

NVIDIA unveils Project Shield

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Did someone ask for an Android handheld that looks like an Xbox 360 controller with a 720p 5″ screen hanging off it? Well NVIDIA has you covered with Shield.

It’s an ugly looking thing but this Tegra 4 powered handheld can also stream Steam games from your PC with “minimal latency”. It can also output to a display of your choice via an HDMI cable.

The big mystery for all of us is the price tag. Without any headlining game support, I cannot see this piece of hardware being very successful above the $249.99 price tag. Yes, it has access to the Google Play Store but that’s not enough to sustain the device in my opinion. I can’t even think of a single “must play” title that originates from the Google Play Store.

There is an opportunity for this “Shield” to live as a high powered emulation machine. SNES, Sega Genesis, CPS2, Neo Geo, PlayStation One and whatever else has an emulator running on Android should work splendidly on this.

AnandTech spent some time with the handheld. Apparently it’s surprisingly light and the Steam streaming works well.

The Shield is scheduled to debut in Q2 of 2013.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Fares Well

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At $499.99 MSRP, the newly launched GeForce GTX 680 is the fastest and most power efficient single GPU video card money can buy. NVIDIA has done it. They followed all their talk and managed to beat AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 on the performance, power consumption, noise levels and cost.

Both my favorite tech sites, The Tech Report and AnandTech have all the details and numbers behind NVIDIA’s best.

But even at $50 less than the competition, I am not indulging. This is merely a good sign for me. I hope this kind of price/performance ratio scales down to the sub $200 product.

If I’m upgrading, my next video card will be from the NVIDIA camp, so I’m crossing my fingers for good mainstream results.

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