Capcom Digital Day Blowout

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capcomlogo.jpgA few days ago, the gaming press were invited to “Capcom’s Digital Day”, an event Capcom cooked up to promote, reveal and show off their latest and upcoming digital offerings. Most, if not all, the games shown there will be available through digital distribution only.

I touched on a few items yesterday such as the 1942 remake, Commandos 3 and SSF2T:HDR, but today we were treated with a lot more tidbits including media, info and clarifications.

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Shadow of the Colossus ‘Wanderer on the Offensive (Live Edit) Song

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Dedicating an entire entry to a song? Yes, but not just any song either, an OCRemix song. As a big fan of both the VG remixes and VG music in general, this latest entry from the OCRemix has all the ingredients of an awesome track. Here is a quote from djpretzel’s post:

 “WHOA! Viola + rock = win. I love everything about this mix. Wonderfully mixed, wonderfully performed, and the arrangement just takes two great songs and integrates them seamlessly.”

On the fourth listen through right now and it is nothing, but pure awesome. In the words of my colleague from work: “This song is sick!”

Download it from OCRemix.