Checkpoint: XXII Winter Olympics Edition

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I won’t be going out of my way to watch the winter Olympics; they just don’t appeal to me. I’ll watch whatever catches my eye if it happens to be on but I won’t be going out of my way to watch.

The sport which I found to be most impressive thus far is the newly introduced Slopestyle competition. Everybody looks stylish and slick with their big goggles and gravity defying flips and twists.

I’d like to see skateboarding in the summer games but unfortunately, they’re already so jammed packed with events.

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Checkpoint: End of Summer 2012 Vacation Edition

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I chose a pretty good week to not be at work. It freed up a lot of time to witness some amazing feats live but also to sit around and wait for phone calls.

XXX Olympiad

I spent the last week or so watching a bunch of Olympics coverage. Not much during primetime but live. Watching Usain Bolt & the Jamaicans win the 100m, 200m and 4 x 400m live were my personal highlights.

Mars Science Laboratory’s Curiosity Landing

All we were able to witness were the reactions of the experts over at command center but their elation was more than enough realize what feat this was for mankind. Landing the car-sized was immensely complex but it was successful. In fact, the Mars Curiosity has already produced some amazing high resolution color photos.

I can’t wait to see what else the rover sends back.

Not So Amazing

Not so amazing this week were my brushes with customer service representatives. They’re quick to serve and sell you things but slow to react when it comes to post-sale customer support.

I was hoping to wrap up any customer support related affairs during my week off but none of it panned out. Furniture stores and home builders are such clods.

With Nier done, I’ve gone back to Uncharted 3 to wrap up some trophies. I should have a Nier review by Wednesday but it’s a weird game to review because it’s all over the place.

Checkpoint: XXX Olympiad Edition

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This post could be about sexy Olympians but it’s not going to be. It’s not that kind of blog (I’d use Tumblr for that). This weekend was pretty much a non-starter for me. I spent most of it at work or doing house work. Any time I had left was spent catching glimpses of the Olympic games in London.

I echo the “NBC sucks” sentiment. The most enjoyable Olympic viewing experience thus far were the “World Feeds” on the CTV Olympic website. There I caught some ping pong, and fencing without any color commentary to ruin the experience. I really enjoyed the fencing setup — it reminded me of a game show with the hit detection lights and the highlighting of the combatant stage.

I’m trying to catch the events live and not have to put up with Costas and the primetime recap shows. There’s just too much hype and WWE styled drama promos. It’s not needed.    There are only a handful of sports that warrant the ridiculous coverage that the NBC commentators lavish on their teams.

I wrapped up Sworcery after many many months. I doubt I’ll be writing up a full blown review of this, so let this be my final word on it.

I loved the audio and visual presentation but the game itself didn’t do much for me. The rotation gimmick was cute the first time around but quickly became annoying. Some of the puzzles were clever but they recycled concepts far too often. The first boss fight was epic. The same boss fight with slight variations was much less so.

To avoid repeating myself like Sworcery, I’ll stop the “rant” here.