CES 2008 Day 3 Highlights

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Day 3 of CES 2008 was filled with fewer bombshells, but it did have its fair share of highlights like the Optimus Maximus keyboard (thanks to Engadget for the picture above) which we have been hearing about for years. $460 for the lowest model? Not cheap, but it does feature OLEDs though!

New Line Cinema detailed their transition to Blu-ray with very little details. They are going Blu (effectively immediately), but no titles will be announced at CES 2008. Bummer.

Not a fan of Blu-ray or HD-DVD? How about streaming 1080p movies with 7.1 channels worth of lossless audio via satellite? Sounds too good to be true, but XstreamHD promises this. Why shouldn’t we believe them? They’re name consists of a pun and the letter “X”. Full of win? One can hope. Pictures of the required hardware can be found at Engadget.

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