Checkpoint: Baller Brands Edition

When I was a wee lad, I saw brands like Apple and Bose as overpriced junk for snooty people. Now, a decade and a half later, I am typing on an Apple MacBook Air and listening to music on Bose Bluetooth speaker.

What happened?

I’m certain some of it has to do with lack of money at the time. How can someone spend so much on something that essentially does the same thing as a significantly cheaper brand? I never understood the differences in nuances available on higher end brands like Apple or Bose. For many tasks and functions, cheaper options would suffice but now I get it. Paying extra nets that extra layer of polish and quality that are “nice-to-haves”. Do I need them? No. But I also have the funds now to legitimately choose those higher priced options.

Consumer awareness has also increased significantly since my youth where big brands like Monster can no longer hide behind marketing speak. Companies now need to have actual substance behind their words. Technology and gadget sites now review and dig into the nitty gritty details to see how higher priced options stack up to cheaper offerings. I picked up the Bose SoundLink Mini II based on one of The Wirecutter’s recommendations and not out of any brand recognition.

I finished the first run of Nier: Automata which left me a bit underwhelmed if I’m honest. For some reason, I thought I would see more interesting vistas and places. The Copied City was amazing and I was hoping to see more areas like that but 2B’s run came to somewhat of an abrupt halt that left me wanting. So I dove back in as 9S curious to see what his perspective has to offer.