Checkpoint: KB/M PC 4K Edition

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My girlfriend and I tried playing Overwatch [PC] on my LG OLED55B6P over the weekend. We used an old Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo I bought for HTPC use, rested the keyboard on our laps and used the mouse on a plastic/steel mouse pad beside us.  

It worked surprisingly well.  

It worked so well that I’m considering investing a bit of money to upping this setup. I already have a USB extension cable for the KB/M wireless receiver so I’m thinking I could just swap it out for a USB hub so I can use a wired keyboard and mouse.  

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming video was able to run the game at 4K and above 60FPS fine but the fan kicked into higher gear. I’m thinking I need to check if airflow is an issue. I was even thinking I need to ditch my open air style card to my brother and pick up a blower style 1070 (or 1080?!) instead.

We’ll see. 

Checkpoint: La Duodecima Edition

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Real Madrid have twelve UEFA Champions League trophies and are the first team to ever win it back-to-back. They’re not the prettiest side to watch but they just get things done when it counts and Saturday’s final was no different. Ronaldo produced quality goals and the rest of the team just came together to finish off a Juventus side that I thought were too much for Spain’s number one club. 

Will Real Madrid be able to win it thrice in a row? They still have a strong midfield presence but the depth of their attacking side was a key to their success in both their domestic and European commitments. Having James Rodriguez step off your bench is a luxury that they will likely not have next season. 

Nothing has really changed in the gaming front. I’m collecting Overwatch loot boxes when I can and keep wanting to play Nier: Automata. With the girlfriend being busy until next Tuesday, I may be able to squeeze in more quality gaming time.

Checkpoint: Off The Rails Edition

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So I’m in a committed relationship for a few weeks now and it’s been absolutely wonderful. But because of this awesome relationship, my routine has been shattered and thrown off the rails. Exercise has become irregular so I try to sneak in a few sessions whenever I can. Solo gaming has become a rarity (but co-op gaming has gone up significantly). And writing posts like this have slipped a day or so. 

I’ve kept pace with my FitBit and continue to meet daily step counts but WiiFit U and other exercises have slipped a bit.

I am still technically playing Nier: Automata. I’ve played it once for a couple hours in the last two weeks. But with th Overwatch’s First Anniversary event going on, I may not complete it until July at this rate.

But I’m not complaining though. It’s been a wonderful couple of months!


Game of the Year 2016 Day 3 of 3

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2016 was a hell of a year for games. Long awaited games like The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV finally made their debuts. First person shooters received a massive jolt in the arm with the fantastic Doom and invigorating Overwatch. Even long running franchises showed that their respective fourth iterations can be amazing. It was a good year, indeed.

Best Old Game of 2016

Winner: Picross 3D

I had finagle a way to acknowledge the majesty that is Picross 3D. Picross is fine but blow it out into 3D dimensions was a mind expanding moment for me. I wanted to buy Picross 3D Round 2 but seeing how it was $40+ CAD and I didn’t even play the original, I went on and bought a cart. It’s charming, weird and addictive to boot. The difficulty curve is a bit erratic at times but I feel it’s been fair. I’m playing for the perfect run so I restart any time I make a mistake and chip off the wrong piece.

While I’m technically not done with this game, I feel it’s easily one of the best games I’ve played this year.


Best Game of 2016

Winner: Overwatch

It’s my most played game the year but that alone doesn’t warrant the number one spot. It’s also incredibly well designed from top to bottom with its unbelievable ability to entice me into trying new things. Blizzard managed to get me to play a ranked Competitive mode and even convinced me to use online voice chat with strangers on the internet which in itself is a small miracle. 

With a timeless aesthetic and strong free support including seasonal events, costumes, characters and maps, I see myself coming back to Overwatch over and over again.


2. Doom – It invokes the Doom games of the past but doesn’t use it as a crutch. The campaign was so tightly designed with systems feeding off other systems, music, story and gorgeous fluid visuals designed for the sole purpose of making me feel like a total badass. 

3. TitanFall 2 – Likely the most complete package of 2016 with both a surprisingly great campaign that invokes Super Mario Galaxy and a multiplayer mode that I thought was a write off after the less than stellar Tech Test. Respawn Entertainment will be supporting the game with free content as well which is a trend that I would love to see continue.

4. The Last Guardian – I love Trico. I wish I could have one as a pet. I don’t own a pet but my patience with Trico is highlighting the fact that I do have the mentality to be a decent owner. All I need is to pet them regularly right?

5. Uncharted 4 – The perfect ending to the adventures of Nathan Drake. If there was a single game that made me feel old and reflect on what I was doing with my life, it was this.

6. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past – Some of the most depressing stories ever told in an JRPG were found in this epic. You can say it was needlessly long at times and they could have trimmed the fat but the long winding journey was essential to create attachment to characters.

7. Inside – It may not have been as impactful as Limbo but Playdead still knows how to unsettle people with the simple gestures and actions.

8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided– Iffy performance in the hub world didn’t prevent me from rummaging through other people’s personal belongings, read their e-mails and hack their wall safes. It’s more of Human Revolution than I expected but more of a good thing isn’t bad. 

9. The Division – End game issues stopped my brother and I from returning to The Division but for a very brief couple of months, The Division’s loot driven brand of third person shooting kept my brother and I coming back everyday to do our “dailies”.

10. Gears of War 4 – It’s been years since Gears of War 3 – both in-game and out of it. Creating a likeable cast of new comers isn’t easy but The Coalition managed to package them and the classic Gears of War formula into a game that still plays in 2016. I look forward to the “dark middle” chapter and hope they’ve learned to run around like normal people by then.

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