Checkpoint: Audio/Video Weekend Edition


I spent Friday evening/night and a majority of Sunday hooking up my new Pioneer VSX-820-k receiver, rewiring A/V cabling, rewiring computer cabling and troubleshooting issues with all the above.

After all of that, I’m still not done yet.

It turns out my initial vision with HDMI cabling wasn’t going to work:

Computer (via 5770’s HDMI out) –> Pioneer A/V Receiver –> Sony HDTV

It doesn’t work because the screen would flicker non-stop. I thought this 2D clock fix would remedy the problem, but no dice. I then tried connecting straight into the HDTV like this:

Computer (via 5770’s HDMI out) –> Sony HDTV (via digital optical output) –> Pioneer A/V Receiver

That worked. I used HDMI cable to send both audio and video signals to the display and the HDTV’s digital optical output to pass the audio signal to the receiver. Unfortunately, I am not able to figure out how to get a 5.1 audio signal through to receiver; all I get is a stereo signal.

What’s Next?

I’d like to know why my initial vision didn’t pan out. It seems to be an ATI/AMD video card or video driver problem. If there’s no way to get the video card and the receiver to play nice, I would love to get 5.1 audio signal through.

Where to find the answers though? I guess I will start with the AMD/ATI forums and then probably some of the other tech sites out there. Hell, I’ll probably try NeoGAF as well.

Still Lots to Do

Even though everything is hooked up, I’m still not settled with it. There’s still lots of tweaking to be done. Am I going to play Borderlands at 1080p60 while sacrificing dynamic shadows or should I try 720p60 with everything enabled. That latter will remind me of the Xbox 360 the most.

And then there’s the receiver itself. With the new automatic configuration of MCACC, things sound different. We’re not sure if it’s right or not, so that’s something we need to experience and test.

Pioneer to Stop All Plasma Panel Production?

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Apparently, the pressures of having high quality HDTVs is taking its toll with Pioneer. Rumors state that Pioneer have ceased production on all plasma panelsnot just 42″ panels, but all panels.

This does not mean Pioneer is going to stop making plasma HDTVs though. They will continue to purchase panels from other suppliers. While this piece of news may bring a sigh of relief, it should be noted that not all panels are created equally.