GDC 2009: PixelJunk News & Updates

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PixelJunk games aren’t like any other I’ve played. They’re always presented in such an interesting fashion. Monsters is still my favorite — so much so that I forked out the money for the Encore expansion. Eden? Well, I’m still playing through it. It’s not that it’s a poor game though. It’s just excruciatingly repetitive (replaying each level five times?!) which is why I don’t believe I’ll be investing in the upcoming PixelJunk Eden Encore expansion.

What does it contain? Here’s what Kotaku managed to wrangle up:

  • Five new gardens
  • Two new gameplay modes including a “zero G” modifier

More info and footage in the interview below. But how about info on PixelJunk Dungeons?

As for Dungeons, we might know even less about the game than we thought we did. That’s because the Q-Games founder says the game might not be called PixelJunk Dungeons at all. And it’s not necessarily a dungeon crawler, re-imagined in the PixelJunk style.

Err..Okay. How about PixelJunk game #4?

That fourth game won’t be the previously hinted PixelJunk Dungeons that Cuthbert name-dropped at GDC last year.

It will, however, tap the PlayStation 3 hardware more so than any other previous game, with PixelJunk 4 taking advantage of the Cell’s multi-SPU architecture. Expect to see Q-Games start teasing the game closer to release, a strategy different from the pre-release campaign of Eden.

Sweet. Technologically driven esoteric games are my cup of tea.

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PixelJunk Eden Demo Impressions

Ever since PixelJunk Monsters debuted, anything the folks at Q-Games announces perks my interest. Their third project, PixelJunk Eden definitely caught my eye with its lush colorful nature, but what the hell was it? Videos certainly didn’t elaborate on what it was or how it was played, but that didn’t matter because I liked what I saw and heard. With today’s PSN update, I was finally able to answer those remaining questions.

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E3 2008: Sony Press Conference Summary

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Sony’s press conference was a stark contrast to Nintendo’s, but unlike Microsoft’s it lacked the ‘megaton’ and highlight point which would send fanboys into a frenzy.

It was easier to watch thanks to the lack of embarassing casual gaming demonstrations. Regardless, they didn’t showcase anything too grand to make it worth watching live. Thus, if you missed the live showing, here’s the breakdown

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