PixelJunk Monsters Patch Gives Replay Incentive

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I’ve always wanted to play more PixelJunk Monsters. It’s an awesome little game which my brother and I sank plenty of hours in. We’ve achieved “Rainbow” ranking for every single level and thus the incentive to replay them isn’t quite there.

Sony is going to fix all that with a patch.

Come October 30th (if all goes well), we’ll be able to replay each of those levels for Trophies. I’m not a Trophy or Achievement whore, but any incentive to replay this game is a good enough for me!

Aside from Trophies, this patch includes:

  • Selectable difficulty settings – casual, regular and hardcore
  • Default Tower menu option
  • Video recording/ YouTube support
  • XMB custom soundtrack support

Checkpoint – GTAIV Edition

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Notice anything different with the title? Yeah, it’s not longer “No_Style’s Checkpoint”, because I’m claiming the entire ‘Checkpoint’ thing as my own now. The rest of you QSF5 editors can find your own schtick.

First, I’d like to point out this hot deal for a Pink, Onyx or Polar White Nintendo DS for $99.99 — that’s $30 – $40 off depending on where you’re looking. If you enjoy different kinds of games and aren’t afraid of experimenting with your gaming orientation: pick one up.

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No_Style’s Checkpoint: GDC 2008 Edition

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Did you people like all the Game Developer Conference’s stuff I posted? I thought there were plenty of interesting bits of news from this year’s GDC. The keyword is ‘bits’ since nothing huge and/or surprising was revealed. The best of GDC was in listening to all the developers talk about their games, the industry and just shootin’ the shit. 1UP’s coverage of this year’s GDC was immaculate. The podcast discussions were both very informative and entertaining. It’s just something you cannot do via an formal interview. Well done, 1UP.

Personal highlights from this year’s GDC were as follows:

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