E3 2013 Day 3 Impressions

It took me a few days to digest and examine the gameplay videos for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division but I was finally persuaded into a pre-order. I also added a handful of additional titles that were no brainers to me.

Here are today’s additions:

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII XV  It will either be the best Final Fantasy in years or the last Final Fantasy game that Nomura will ever lead.
  • Metal Gear Solid V – Horse based stealth mechanics & Keifer Sutherland
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division – I’ve always wanted to visit Manhattan without the crowds.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 – I was going to wait for the eventual Origin sale but I decided to reward DICE & EA for giving this cult classic another go.

Other Notables

  • I urge anyone looking for a recap or an enlightening behind the scenes look at how media covers E3, check out GiantBomb’s 50 minute video.
  • I checked out PlayStation Home for the first time since the launch of the service. Sony have this virtual E3 booth setup and while it’s neat from afar, it continues to be weird and bewildering. Still, I thought it was worth visiting for the 30 day free trial of PlayStation Plus.

FYI: Rumor Confirmed, KZ2 Patch, 30 million 360s Sold

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  • Dead Space: Extraction Debuts September 29 for the Wii (via PR)
  • Xbox 360 Hits 30 Million Sales Worldwide (via Edge-Online)
    • From February 2009, PlayStation 3 @ 21.3 Million worldwide
    • Wii @ over 50 million units sold
  • 64 Player Buzz! Quiz Show Coming to PlayStation Home (via PlayStation.Blog)
    • This is how it will work:

Four colored answer buttons are laid out on the floor and you need to make sure you’re standing on the right answer when the time runs out. The winner’s decided over four rounds, and there are a number of exclusive Home prizes up for grabs for the greatest players.

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FYI Tues. – RE5 X360 Bundle, New PSP & PS3 Titles Confirmed

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Red Xbox 360 Resident Evil Limited Edition Console Official

limited_edition_console_res5Remember that Resident Evil 5 Red Xbox 360 bundle that was rumored awhile ago? Well, it looks like ArsTechnica’s source came through once again. Capcom and Microsoft announced the new bundle earlier today and the specifications for it were pretty damn accurate as well:

  • Red Xbox 360 Elite w/ 120 GB HDD
  • Red Controller
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Coupon Code for SSF2T:HDR
  • HD AV & HDMI Cables

All of the above for $399.99 USD.

Press release of said Xbox 360 below:

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PlayStation Home Impressions

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Two important announcements emerged from Games Developer Conference 2007, LittleBigPlanet and PlayStation Home. LittleBigPlanet arrived earlier this quarter and with the PlayStation Home service finally open to the general populous, I was finally able to explore this PlayStation branded virtual space. What I found was a mess void of feeling, function and most importantly, fun. As is, PlayStation Home looks to be a colossal waste of everybody’s time.

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