SteamWorld Dig PS4 Review

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I first witnessed SteamWorld Dig in action in one of GiantBomb’s 2013 Quick Looks. It debuted for the Nintendo 3DS and I thought it was a good fit for the platform. I just wasn’t going to pay full price for it and decided to wait.

In 2014, it debuted on the PC, so I waited for a sale on that platform. Then out of the blue, I received word that it was coming to PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Plus. I couldn’t say no to the price of free and when I was looking to cleanse my gaming palette, I decided to finally take the plunge.

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Checkpoint: Digging Deep Edition

Checkpoint - Digging Deeper Edition

I started and finished SteamWorld Dig over this past week. It was a solid palette cleanser and just what I needed after action heavy titles like Bayonetta and Advanced Warfare. I think I’ll write a couple of paragraphs about it but the bottom line is: If you’re looking to unlock a mystery and collect ore in a handful of hours, give it a go. It’s free on PlayStation Plus.

While I would like to get $69.99 retail games free via the PlayStation Plus service, it’s nice to just get something like this for free at launch. They’re titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up until it’s dirt cheap on Steam.

Speaking of titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up, I think it’s time to pick up Far Cry 4 when it eventually discounts to $30. It appears to be similar to Far Cry 3 but more refined. Maybe now I can finally forgive them after Far Cry 2.

I started Bayonetta 2 which, so far, is a wonderful refinement of the original Bayonetta formula. I’m only three chapters in and I already see many sensible adjustments to make for a more enjoyable experience.

Sharing Digital Games on the PlayStation 4

Those who are familiar with the sharing of PlayStation Plus between two people should already be well aware of this capability.

Essentially, two people can take advantage of these facts about the PlayStation 4 ecosystem:

  • Games you download can be played by users who share your PS4™ system, such as your family and friends. You do not have to log in to the system for other users to play these games.
  • If you join PlayStation®Plus, benefits such as online multiplayer features that come with that membership can be enjoyed by users who share your PS4™ system. You do not have to log in to the system for other users to enjoy these benefits.
  • Games you purchase can be downloaded and played on any PS4™ system if you sign in to PSN. There is no limit on the number of systems you can use. * Only you can start games that you download.
  • If you join PlayStation®Plus, you can sign in to PSN from any PS4™ system and enjoy your membership benefits.

PS4 - You can access your own stuff

PS4 - Others can play your games


  1. You log onto your partner’s PlayStation 4 and set their console as the primary.
  2. Your partner logs onto your PlayStation 4 and sets your console as the primary.
  3. Now both of you will be able to log onto each other’s accounts and begin downloading titles and content from each other’s libraries.

And that’s it. It’s not a complicated process but there are a number of caveats and things to consider.

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About that EA Access service for Xbox One

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ea-logo.pngIf you pay Electronic Arts $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year, you will gain access to some older Xbox One titles published by EA themselves. EA Access service members will also receive 10% discounts and 5-day early access to new EA titles.

It’s really about that Vault access but its appeal will depend heavily on what EA is offering at the time.

The beta will initially offer access to Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14. If this was coming for PlayStation 4, I’d pull the trigger right now. I’m still playing Battlefield 4 and my interest in FIFA games are at an all time high at the moment. I also wouldn’t mind trying Madden NFL 25 and I’m sure I’ll find enjoyment in more Peggle.

Unfortunately for me and other PlayStation centric players, this is an Xbox One exclusive. I don’t know if this an EA and Microsoft thing or if Sony actually denied EA access from entering their ecosystem but I’m bummed out by its absence. I actually want the titles being offered by EA unlike the ones that appear on Sony’s Instant Game Collection.

I can understand Sony wanting to put the kibosh on this if it means publishers will begin to withhold titles from their PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection program though. If they allowed EA to start this service, what’s going to stop Ubisoft, Activision and other publishers from doing the same? It would be like every movie and TV studio having their own service instead of using all encompassing services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.

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