Checkpoint: Why I Play Games Edition (Pt. 4)

Checkpoint - Why I Play Games Edition (Pt. 4)

Sometimes I just want a challenge but not one where I’m trying to best others in a live multiplayer setting. Sometimes I just want to take on the game designer’s creations, beat a friend’s high score or even my own.

I sympathize with developers. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to create convincing artificial intelligence. Bungie’s efforts with the Halo series sit high on my list for walking that tight line between developing something challenging and some something cheap. If I’m bested by the computer, I want to feel like I was outwitted or outmaneuvered, I don’t want to feel like I was taken down because of their robotic precision or their omnipresence.

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Portal 2 (PS3) Arrived On Time

bestbuy-logoThe only time I actually pick up games in a retail store is after a GameStop PowerTrade promotion. Otherwise, I’m waiting patiently at home for my game to arrive via mail or download. Downloading from Steam is dependent on Valve’s servers and my ISP which means I can usually get an game within an hour or so.

By mail, I was waiting anywhere between a couple of days to a whole week before my game would get here. But thanks to FutureShop and BestBuy’s earlier shipping practices, I’ve been receiving games on day one. I received Portal 2 today and I also received Killzone 3 on its launch day.

This has been great.

These two electronic giants are doing right by their consumers with this. has been pretty consistent, but instead of getting my game on day one, I get a nice shipping notice saying that it was on its way. Today is Tuesday which means I should be expecting a package by Friday at the latest. seems to be the most inconsistent. If it’s in stock, I get it the day after release. If it’s not in stock, it can be up to a week. And worse of all, they use Purolator which means I need to find an inconvenient Purolator station.

On a whole, games have been arriving in a timely fashion. I wish every retailer was shipping their merchandise out early, but I can’t complain if I’m not paying for shipping. I’d love to have Amazon Prime option here in Canada, but that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. We don’t even have all the different types of merchandise available in

Baby steps, I guess.

FYI: Portal 2 PS3 Details, FFXIII-2 Announced & FFvXIII Trailer

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Update: Now with English FFXIII-2 Trailer


Portal 2’s PS3 & Steam Details Revealed (via Edge)

  • Includes Steam support
  • Feature cloud-saving, but will not be able to continue progress using other platform’s save — they ran out of time to implement that
  • Features cross-platform chat
  • PS3 copy of Portal 2 will include free download of PC and Mac versions (after linking PSN and Steam accounts)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced (via Andriasang)

  • Direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII
  • Developed on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously
  • Coming in 2011 for Japan and “winter” for the rest of the world (possibly early 2012?)
  • Announcement trailer below

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Renamed to Final Fantasy Type-0 (via Andriasang)

  • Coming Summer 2011 for Japan
  • Spans 2 UMDs
  • New trailer below

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Checkpoint: VGA 2010 Reveals & Teasers

The 2010 Spike VGA show was on last night. I didn’t catch much of it. I caught some chick making TWSS said jokes and Neil Patrick Harris playing with a rooster.

Like many, all I care about are the game trailers teasers and announcements. Thankfully, was quick to update their site with the trailers as they were released.

Most of them were CG or lame, so I filtered and picked the noteworthy ones for this post.

These are my top 8:

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

[gametrailers 708329]

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