Persona 4 Postmortem With Atlus

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atlus_logoPostmortems for games are always interesting to me. “What went wrong?” “What went right?” Having the developer look back at the development of a game can bring a whole new level of understanding.

Persona 4 is one of my favorite games in recent memory. It was amazing. So to have an opportunity to read a postmortem for it was awesome. One point they mentioned has me wondering though:

Also, one of the villain characters changed in the middle of development; since the character design was done before the story change, the design did not reflect the fact that he was a villain.

Who are they talking about? Is it who I think it was? The mystery murderer? If so, I loved that I wasn’t able to point out who it was beforehand. There’s no need to highlight a character as a villain with “evil” characteristics. That’s just too blatant.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Coming to PS2, PSP & Wii

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Oh, what’s this? A Silent Hill re-telling for non-high definition systems. At long last, my opportunity to play the game that started all. Climax will be the ones retelling this story and will be releasing it for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and the Wii sometime this autumn. I guess I should play Silent Hill: Origins before then, huh?

Press release below!

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Official: PlayStation 2 Now $99.99 USD

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Boy, am I ever glad that I didn’t waste anytime pondering over the possibilities yesterday.

After years of speculation, the PlayStation 2 finally drops below $100 USD starting April 1st, 2009. It may be just a penny below, but it’s about time! Does anyone care? Of course! Will it spike sales for the month of April? No doubt! I already have a backwards compatible PlayStation 3, but there are still plenty of people out there who haven’t experienced the PlayStation 2’s awesome library of games.

I’m sure it’ll finally convince cheapest of cheap gamers out there to finally pull the trigger. I recall my Super Nintendo was purchased at around this magical price tag. Being nine years late to the party is better than not showing up at all.

Those of you holding out for a PlayStation 3 price drop announcement still have till the end of the day. Or at worst, wait a couple of months for E3 2009. Sony must have something by then.

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