Valve asks: “What can we do to fix The Orange Box on PS3?”

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It’s no secret that the PS3 version of The Orange Box performs worse compared to its other cousins. While the XBOX 360 version was handled by Valve itself, the PS3 version was shuffled off to one of EA’s studios to port over to Sony’s box.

In an effort to remedy the PS3 version’s problems, BurtonJ of Valve just started a thread on SteamPowered forums asking people to post the problems they are experiencing with The Orange Box on PS3.

Here’s my suggestion: How about actually developing the game yourselves?

Unreal Tournament III PS3 Review

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Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament III for the PLAYSTATION 3 is a game of many firsts including:

  • First game Epic Games developed for the PLAYSTATION 3
  • First true demonstration of the Unreal Engine 3.0 on the PLAYSTATION 3
  • First next-gen console first person shooter to feature mouse and keyboard support.
  • First game to feature user created modifications on a console.
  • First Unreal Tournament game to remain relatively intact from PC to consoles
  • And more…

As you can see, Unreal Tournament III (formerly known as Unreal Tournament 2007) is quite the “revolutionary” game for the console world, but aside from all these bells, whistles and technical flare, how does the game itself stack up? Do the visuals (as Epic claimed) exceed those of Epic’s Gears of War for the XBOX 360? Is the single player a real single player? Is mod support working? I spent time and sought the answers to these questions and here are my findings.

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The Club PS3 Demo Impressions


Yesterday, our European brethren across the pond received a nice gift in the form of a surprise demo on the European PlayStation Network Store. The game? Sega published and Bizarre Creations developed third person shooter known as The Club. I downloaded the 1.7 GB monster of a demo and played around with it for an hour or so. Here are some of my impressions. Read More

The Ultimate PS3 Media Streaming Solution Is Here

The Past

Ever since DLNA support was added to the PLAYSTATION 3 in firmware 1.80, I have been streaming all sorts of media to my living room and HDTV in a configuration similar to this:

Pre FW 2.10

Early on, I transcoded my Top Gear and American Dad episodes from my PC via TVersity since a majority of my content was encoded in DivX/XviD format (incompatible with the PS3 at the time). While the solution worked, it had some inconvenient setbacks:

  • Computer(s) must be on in order to view/access all media.
  • Image quality suffered due to transcoding.
  • TVersity service needed to be restarted in order to become visible to the PS3.

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