Checkpoint: Spring Gaming 2009 Edition


2008’s spring season was clear cut with GTAIV — it was the game to get and that was that. This year doesn’t have a blockbuster hit to gravitate towards, instead there are a handful of noteworthy titles you should consider. The past month was a bit of a lull, but the calm is over with the release of some original games and questionable sequels throughout the month of May.

Here are some of the ones I’ve been following.

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A Torrent of Release Dates From Nintendo

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Sony made Tuesday interesting with their share of announcements. Wednesday was a bit of a sleeper, but Thursday belongs to Nintendo and its upcoming releases. There’s just so much info here, I think it’s best that you read the press release yourself.

I’ve got to admit that there isn’t much to be excited about; that’s right I’m not even phased over the fact that there will be a new Punch Out!

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Miyamoto Wants To Improve Mario and Zelda Franchises

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“What I’ve been saying to our development teams recently is that “Twilight Princess” was not a bad game, by any means. But, still, it felt like there was something missing. And while, personally, I feel like “Super Mario Galaxy” was able to do some things that were very new and were very unique, at the same time, from another perspective, certain elements of it do feel somewhat conservative in terms of how far we branched out with design. And so this is something I’ve been talking to both of those teams about.”

That’s a quote from an interview from MTV Multiplayer blog’s latest interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. I’m pleased to know that Miyamoto is still interested in pushing the Mario and Zelda franchises forward. Super Mario Galaxy was an absolute gem and I cannot imagine how an non-conservative version of that would be — mindblowingly awesome comes to mind, though.

He also goes into talk involving a bit of Spore, Portal and the upcoming installment of Punch-Out for Wii.