Battlefield 1943: Pacific – It’s not a mod

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I wasn’t much of a Battlefield 1942 fan. In fact, I was playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein’s multiplayer when the game debuted and didn’t enjoy how the game felt. So you will have to excuse me if I seem a little cold towards the upcoming PSN/XBLA/PC downloadable title, Battlefield 1943: Pacific. It’s a ‘remake’ of some the classic Battlefield 1942 maps like Wake Island. Sounds interesting considering I was a fan of the Battlefield 2 version, Wake Island 2007.

Let’s breakdown what this upcoming game will provide:

  • Geared towards pick up and play
  • Will cost approximately $15 – $20
  • Will be approximately 350 MB
  • Will only have three classes: Infantry, Riflemen, and Scout
  • Will have auto-regnerating health and unlimited ammo
  • Will be powered by the Frostbite engine which was used in Battlefield: Bad Company
  • Supports up to 24 players

You can checkout the trailer and some screenshots courteousy of Gamersyde.

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SSF2T:HDR Available Next Week

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Street Fighter IV was given an official release date after some speculation, and now the folks at Capcom have confirmed that Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix will be available next week.

The PlayStation Network version will debut on Tuesday, November 25th with the Xbox Live! Arcade version debuting on the very next day.

I’ve been vocal about my lack of interest in this remake, especially in the light of Street Fighter IV’s debut in just a few short months.

SSF2T:HDR & Its Many New Screenshots

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Street Fighter IV is shaping up very nicely. The same could be said about Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but what about Capcom’s hand drawn HD remake of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo? Alright. In fact, I believe it has come a long way. However, I believe King of Fighters XII looks better. (That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.)

This batch includes T-Hawk, Cammy and Blanka! Oh, and everyone’s favorite Soviet wrestler, Zangief! No news on a release date yet.

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A Fan Made Metroid 2 Remake

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metroid2.jpgThere are hardcore and talented game fans that can create some remarkable stuff. The most recent fan created project I ran into is a remake of Metroid II for the original Game Boy. There is a playable tech demo, but if you’re lazy there are plenty screenshots and videos.

I’ve never played Metroid II, but I know this remake isn’t staying very true to its source. Is that a bad thing? No. I’m pleased with the re-imagining — it’s like Metroid: Zero Mission. I tried the tech demo and it was brilliantly smooth, controlled great and captured the Metroid spirit well. There were tiny imperfections here and there, but it’s a tech demo.

I hope the developer can finish this game. I really do. Hopefully the Nintendo lawyers will lay off.

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