Vita Remote Play mandatory across PS4 games*

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* – excluding PlayStation 4 games that utilize the PlayStation 4 Eye camera

Sony has confirmed that all PlayStation 4 titles — excluding those who utilizes special hardware like the PS4 Eye — will support Remote Play via the PlayStation Vita.

One of the coveted features of the Wii U will be realized on the PlayStation 4 thanks to this policy. I don’t know how often I will use it but it’s nice to know that my PlayStation 4 will have a future beyond Persona 4: Golden.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out and invest $249.99 just so they can remotely play PlayStation 4 games in their beds but this is still wonderful news for existing owners.

Logitech IR to BT Receiver For PS3 Coming

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A vast majority of PS3 owners like myself have home theatre systems. A majority of us also have Logitech Harmony remotes. I’m sure we would all love to control our PS3 machines with those blessed remotes, but unfortunate it lacks an infrared receiver port. Work arounds include unattractive and expensive black boxes which I honestly don’t wish to pay for. I would pay for something from Logitech though. They’ve got a knack for attractive accessories.

If this upcoming Logitech IR to BT receiver is affordable and works as advertised, I’ll certainly pick one up.


IR2BT – Use Universal Remotes To Control Your PS3

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Not the cheapest solution, but for those who are interested in controlling their PS3 with a universal remote, this IR2BT device may be what you’re looking for it.

Cost: $55 USD
Shipping: Ships internationally, but will not mark as “gift”.
How it works: Here’s a video.

It’s a bit too pricey for me, but I thought some of you would find it handy. They’re currently out of stock, but will be updating inventory weekly apparently.