Checkpoint: Building the Future Edition

Checkpoint - Building The Future Edition

I’m working on a replacement page for GameDealsCanada. It’s about time and hopefully it benefits people and helps them find the deals they’re looking for.

The plan is to use it as the replacement to the Black Friday and Boxing Day round-up pages. It’ll also serve as an official landing page for GameDealsCanada. What else? I don’t know. I have ideas but these ideas need man power.

I”m enjoying this new site building process. It’s amazing what you can get for free or at a very low price. I haven’t spent a lot yet but I feel compelled to toss in some extra dollars towards those developers who’s work I’m building GameDealsCanada on.

There’s plenty of work to do still but I’m having fun doing it.

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge game and as I chip away at it, I find more and more to like about it. I’m also finding redeeming qualities in Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. It’s taking a while but the end is nigh and I cannot wait to see those credits roll.

I finally started Super Smash Bros. for Wii U this weekend. It’s a familiar scene but the move to HD is doing wonders for this title.

Savestate: Shocking Replacements

White DualShock 4

White Dual Shock 4 controller

The instant grip of the original Dual Shock 4 controller revision was awesome. Coming from the Dual Shock 3 and the Xbox 360 controllers, the grippy texture of the Dual Shock 4 was a revelation at the time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.

Since I wasn’t going to pick up a white console any time soon, I did the next best thing and picked up a white Dual Shock 4 controller for $40. It’s gorgeous and the improved rubber material on the thumb sticks will undoubtedly last longer but they had to sacrifice that initial grip factor that I loved.

I accept that sacrifice if it means that the controller will last more than a year.

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Checkpoint: No Water Cooling Edition

Checkpoint - No Water Cooling Edition

I don’t tend to take risks when it comes to PC building these days. I try to keep things simple and minimize fuss down the road. I took a gamble with the Swiftech H220 water cooling kit for my brother’s PC build. I put in the research and looked at what folks like AnandTech had to say and pulled the trigger on the Swiftech.

My mistake was not mining the user reviews at sites like It went over to the U.S store, and thought I was in the clear but something must have changed with the manufacturing because the kits purchased in 2013 were plagued with noise issues.

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OCZ’s 32nm to 25nm Fiasco

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ocz-logoWe all know manufacturers shouldn’t lie to their customers. But if they were going to lie to their customers they shouldn’t lie to a specific slice of consumers and those people are enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts keep manufacturers honest and in the case of OCZ and their fiasco over the transition from 32nm NAND chips to 25nm NAND chips is no different.

People began noticing that their OCZ Vertex 2 60GB drives weren’t running to OCZ’s posted specs. After benchmarks and sleuthing, it was determined that not all Vertx 2 drives were created equally anymore.

Articles were written and reviews were conducted before OCZ finally fessed up and did what was right.

While we do have somewhat of a happy ending, I’m left wondering why OCZ did what they did. These people are enthusiasts you’re selling to. They are an enthusiast company. They must have known that the truth would have surfaced sooner or later. And since they’re focusing on solid state drives, I’m even more perplexed by this.

These are relatively expensive solid state drives, people are going to want what they paid for. Fortunately, it looks like my OCZ Vertex 2 60GB is fine. I bought mine in mid January which would have been one of the last 32nm NAND drives — talk about lucky.

With this little snafu and the Sandy Bridge issue, I’d hate to be the person who has to go through two RMA processes.

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