Screenshots from Two Fighters and RE5

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You talk about a game’s unveiling just yesterday and out of nowhere comes a flood of screenshots. Today, a bunch of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation Heroes screenshots were posted on Famitsu’s website. I’m loving the art direction and style of this game. It’s exactly what the Capcom vs games are all about with the over-the-top special moves.

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RE5 Demonstration from Famitsu

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I’m jealous of the Japanese. Not just because of their lovely ladies, nice cars or other technological marvels, but also because they have Famitsu and its exclusives.This week’s Famitsu featured some footage for Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 5. Awesomeness confirmed. They took the RE4 formula and ran with it. Rumors are stating a 2009 release which doesn’t surprise me since Capcom have tasted the nectar of success with RE4 and probably wants to taste it again with RE5.

Anyways, check out the footage for some Japanese commentary and a glimpse of Chris Redfield’s huge arms.

P.S – “Resident Evil 4: Classic Edition” for PS3/360 was debunked. Sorta. I’d buy it if it came out for PS3/360, though. RE4 is so good.

RE Zero Re-releasing On Wii

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Capcom re-released Resident Evil 4 for the Wii with enhanced Wii controls and it looks like they’re going to repeat the process again with the former GameCube exclusive, Resident Evil Zero. I have played every major Resident Evil game except for Zero, so this will give me an excellent opportunity to play it and complete the series thus far.

RE0 isn’t the same as RE4, though. It’s less action oriented when compared to the more recent Resident Evil 4. It also stays closer to the “old” Resident Evil formula. I don’t mind it; all I care for is a good and solid re-release.

Thanks to Capcom for the re-releases!

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