Lumia 900: My WP7 Infatuation Continues

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Look at that phone. It’s so pretty.

If I didn’t think smartphone plans were so expensive and actually thought this phone would be supported with the latest firmware next year, I’d be counting down the days until I can get one. But alas that’s not the case and all I could do is admire it in pictures and videos.

Instead of posting a spec sheet, I’m going to share this video from

There’s not announcement concerning Canadian availability, but apparently the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 are heading over to Rogers and Telus respectively.

Checkpoint: The Smartphone Edition


This may surprise some of you: I don’t own a smartphone. I own a cellphone. It’s the Nokia 2610 which was a Rogers freebie replacement that moved me from CDMA to GSM. It’s also on a Pay As You Go plan for around $8 per month.

How old is this phone? The internet says it was released in 2006. In cellphone years, my phone is a senior citizen. But I haven’t sought a replacement because I enjoy not paying $50+ per month on a cellphone.

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Got Browsing Woes? Try Google’s Public DNS

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google-logoSeveral weeks ago, I changed over to Google’s Public DNS. I changed over because I was getting fed up with my ISP’s (Rogers) delayed and failed responses.

If you ever had to press F5 and refresh a URL in order to reach your destination, then do yourself a favor and change your DNS. I’ve been using it for weeks and I haven’t had any of the issues I was experiencing before.

There are alternatives such as OpenDNS, but I figured that if anyone knows a thing or two about fast internet, it’s Google.

60GB/Month Isn’t Enough Anymore

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3GB left for the remainder of the month?! I can’t do it anymore.

I don’t want to watch over my bandwidth usage on a weekly basis and I certainly don’t want to pay overage fees.

$2 per gigabyte is ridiculous.

I knowingly downloaded 17GB worth of Microsoft trials last night because they were legitimate downloads and I wasn’t going to delay my desire to learn and experiment on Windows SBS 2011. When Rogers restrictive bandwidth limits started to encroach on my learning, I have had enough.

Teksavvy will get my business as soon as it becomes available at my new location.

P.S – No picture for this post because I don’t want to waste precious kilobytes.

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